Climatix heat recovery ventilation solution 

Climatix solutions for heat recovery ventilation

Boost your competitiveness by reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating our heat recovery ventilation (HRV) solutions into your products. You’ll reduce your unit costs while delivering comfort, connectivity and energy efficiency. We work with you to bundle the appropriate controllers, sensors and connectivity applications that make engineering, commissioning and operation easier for your customers. Intuitive, user-centric interfaces help reduce errors during installation and commissioning and simplify customer operation.

Our highlights

Design and manufacturing

Reduce unit costs while offering the most competitive and energy-efficient HRV solution

The Climatix S300 for HRV solution is future-proof and configurable with a sophisticated, fully tested application. It has a very small footprint and all the I/Os required. The controller also offers Cloud connection to ensure access to operational data and keep track of unit status. API openness ensures fast implementation of customer requirements.

Climatix S300

The controller S300 is particularly designed for heat recovery ventilation applications. It has an optimized I/O mix: 10 inputs and 8 outputs. It is sustainable with a small footprint, supporting the EU energy strategy 2020. Finally, it is loaded with configurable, pre-engineered and fully tested applications.

Why is Climatix S300 the right solution for your application?

Sensors family from Siemens

Broad range of compatible sensors 

Siemens also offers a broad range of sensors that are compatible with the S300 and heat recovery ventilation application, such as Modbus pressure sensors with and without housing, fine dust sensors, smart Thermostat, room operating units and air quality sensors. The compatibility with our sensors can be discussed on demand. Contact us to know more and check out our range of sensors. 

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Installation and commissioning

Reduce training efforts and increase installation efficiency

Commissioning is made easy thanks to the Siemens mobile app ABT Go. The app offers intuitive commissioning and reduces the need for training. Configuration is easy and allows you to match customer needs from the start. ABT Go comes with many benefits and features such as fast restoring of the initial configuration. Installation is also made easy thanks to plug and play. KNX PL-Link technology enables automatic device recognition between controller and room units speeding up and simplifying the process.
ABT Go mobile app

Siemens mobile app ABT Go

Commissioning is made easy with ABT Go: 

  • User friendly: the app includes I/O test and functional test as well as commissioning reports
  • Connected: connectivity on site via installed router or removable Wi-Fi adapter
  • Practical: easy parameter back-up and restore in the app as well as firmware and application updates available on the cloud

Plug and Play with KNX PL-Link

Installation is made easy with plug and play: 

  • Connection and automatic recognition of the controller to the room units via KNX PL-Link
  • No integration costs on site
  • Greatly simplified the installation process and easy last-minute changes or replacements

HRV technology leads to energy savings while optimizing comfort

Our solution offers an extensive choice of interface for the end-users, ensuring that his comfort is optimized. At the same time, operation and monitoring are simplified through the app ensuring optimal consumption at all times.

Customizable interfaces to meet any requirements

Siemens offer different types of interfaces to ensure customer satisfaction of: 

  • Cloud platform with Climatix IC where customers have direct access to their data in the Cloud. Users can monitor, operate, optimize and predict their consumption. 
  • Thanks to mobile access via the app, the customers can monitor, operate and commission their unit on their phones or tablets
  • In the room, we offer stylish and elegant room units to enable daily monitoring and operation.  
  • Our Cabinet HMI with touch screen is the ultimate solution for visual and colorful operation. 
Maintenance and service

Deliver optimal and consistent performance thanks to remote service and transparency

Save costs by using our Cloud services for preventive maintenance. With Climatix IC, you can manage your equipment remotely. This saves travel costs and enables many remote functionalities such as remote monitoring for early detection of errors, trend visualization to optimize consumption, and comparative analytics of different plants and tracking of data for optimal warranty handling.

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Remote maintenance and service thanks to the cloud

Climatix IC

Preventive maintenance saves costs:

  • Thanks to remote monitoring, you can detect and plan required action
  • In the trend viewer, you get a clear overview of energy overconsumption, which allows you to plan optimal actions
  • You also have access to operational data in the Cloud, which enables comparative analytics of different plants in order to detect unusual behavior


Tracking of data is key

  • In the Cloud you will find a service logbook that tracks all changes made in the unit. This creates transparency of factory default changes and permits optimal warranty handling in case of issues.
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