Climatix IC - Cloud solution for OEMs

Climatix IC 

Remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics solution for OEMs

Cloud solution enabling data-driven decisions

The digital transformation is well underway and digital services are becoming more important than ever in the HVAC industry, creating both new opportunities and challenges. Most OEMs are already undertaking organizational and technical changes. Siemens’ cloud solution will support you in this digital transformation and strengthen your business along the way. Not only does our cloud platform give you access to all of the relevant data generated by your equipment, it also helps analyze this data to make informed decisions and optimize your equipment performance during the whole lifecycle.

Climatix cloud solution

Climatix IC is a remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics solution that allows you to collect and evaluate your equipment data efficiently using leading IoT analytics tools. It also opens the door to launching new business models with embedded subscription management and performance reporting tools. Climatix IC also increases value along the whole product lifecycle by enabling accelerated controller application development, performance reporting for end customers and remote service business. Our open cloud policy and the availability of the RESTful API industry standard make possible the integration of your own applications to the cloud. Cloud-stored data can also be exported to other businesses or off-premise systems. The data, which is securely stored for immediate or future use, serves as the foundation for predictive maintenance services.
With Climatix IC, you can gain a decisive advantage in HVAC equipment management and become a leader in digital services.

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Climatix IC adds value along the entire product lifecycle


White paper: Commercial benefits of cloud solutions for HVAC OEMs and installers.

Cloud solutions are positioned to do more for HVAC OEMs and installers than just react to alarms. They are now offering tangible value-add and levels of scalability that promise to have a real impact on creating new business opportunities. But few OEMs have taken the essential step of connecting to the cloud.

This paper explores how digitalization and cloud connectivity are likely to transform the industry and illustrates ways in which HVAC OEMs can benefit.

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