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Intelligent Valve makes it a snap

The Intelligent Valve optimizes consumption, increases energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. 
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Dynamic valves

Why you should choose a dynamic valve

Static valves are still the standard solution for HVAC systems today – even though they have long been out of date. They are designed for a full load, but in practice, systems usually operate under a partial load. The result: inefficient operation, high energy consumption, exploding costs and an uncomfortable room climate.

The benefits of a dynamic valve

The solution is a dynamic valve that maximizes operational efficiency. Because it is dynamic, the valve ensures that the system pressure is correct for all loads and that pressure fluctuations have no impact. Full stroke is available for every presetting. This contributes to high control accuracy. Optimal return temperatures for all operating conditions guarantee a high level of efficiency in heating and cooling. Thanks to stable room temperature control, you can achieve energy savings of up to 25 percent – without sacrificing comfort.

Intelligent Valve from Siemens: the self-optimizing dynamic valve with cloud connection. The ultimate solution for heating groups and air handling units.

Benefits over the entire lifecycle

From planning to ongoing operation, the Intelligent Valve from Siemens is more than a conventional dynamic valve. With its built-in intelligence, it is the ultimate solution for heating groups and air handling units, offering guaranteed benefits throughout the entire lifecycle:

  • Facilitates work
  • Saves time
  • Ensures comfort in buildings
  • Increases energy efficiency

Find out what makes the Intelligent Valve the ideal valve for HVAC systems in each individual phase.

Intelligent Valve makes it a snap!

The Intelligent Valve, a self-optimizing, dynamic valve with cloud connection, new with "Adaptive Flow Optimizer"! This unique function will do the presetting of the valve automatically in addition to continuous optimization of the delta T limitation (DT) and system-generated reports. With this it is possible to achieve cost and energy savings while maintaining comfort for the building occupants.

Intelligent Valve – makes planning a snap

Presettings which are adjustable at any time, an optimized heat exchanger, verifiable energy efficiency and dynamic hydronic balancing: The Intelligent Valve significantly reduces time and effort during planning, configuration and testing.

Snap! It’s set up and everything is in balance

Don’t worry if the façade or insulation changes over the course of a project. With the Intelligent Valve, you can check and adjust the presetting at any time via remote access. Values are always up to date and stored in the digital twin in the Building Operator, the cloud application from Siemens. You can also forget time-consuming hydronic calculations: The Intelligent Valve continuously measures the flow rate and easily balances pressure fluctuations. All you have to do is determine the maximum volumetric flow rate. What’s more, the dynamically balancing system is extremely energy efficient and ensures maximum room comfort.

Snap! It’s approved and the heat exchanger is optimized

Say goodbye to manual adjustments. The Intelligent Valve optimizes the heat exchanger. It measures the temperature, flow rate and output to determine whether the valve characteristic is in line with the heat exchanger. If it isn’t, the valve adapts the valve characteristic to the heat exchanger’s output characteristic. Furthermore, you’ll always maintain a clear overview: You can check and verify values at any time as well as check on hydronic balancing and energy efficiency.

Intelligent Valve – makes planning a snap

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Intelligent Valve – makes installation a snap

Flexible mounting, optimal connectivity, simple parameterization, convenient cloud connection: The Intelligent Valve prevents errors, saves time and offers full transparency of valve settings.

Snap! It’s installed and connected

The Intelligent Valve means maximum flexibility. For example, you can install the flow sensor in the flow and the valve in the return to save installation space. The controller box can be mounted parallel or crosswise on the flow sensor or even on the wall. Connect your devices quickly and effortlessly, thanks to color-coded plug-in connectors. The controller box is easily connected, automatically detects the flow sensor and actuator, and adapts itself to the settings.

Snap! It’s parameterized and in the cloud

You can prepare for commissioning at your own pace using ABT site on your PC. On site you just switch on the Intelligent Valve’s wireless LAN and download all the settings using the free ABT Go app from Siemens. You can also check and verify values at any time online. Because the Building Operator always displays the current settings, you can keep a clear overview at all times – regardless of who is working on the project.

Intelligent Valve – makes installation a snap!

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Intelligent Valve – makes commissioning a snap

Fast and easy parameterization and testing, fact-based analysis with verifiable hydronic balancing: The Intelligent Valve saves time and offers a clear overview of all settings during commissioning.

Snap! The parameters are up-to-date and commissioning is automatic

Use the wireless LAN connection for quick and easy commissioning: Download the twin datasets to the ABT Go app. And then load it via wireless LAN to each valve. Done! You can also connect to the Intelligent Valve using ABT Site via BACnet-IP or simply from the office via the Building Operator. This gives you access to settings anytime, anywhere. Even better: you do not have to coordinate access to the device with other building services on site – the digital twin updates itself each time you make adjustments.

Snap! All the valves are tested and everything is in balance

Start the flow test by pressing the service button or by using the ABT Go. The test results are available directly in the app. With the Intelligent Valve, you don’t need flow-regulating valves, balancing valves or complicated hydronic calculations. Thanks to this self-optimizing dynamic valve, the HVAC system is automatically balanced at all times. You can verify this at any time using the Building Operator application.

Intelligent Valve – makes commissioning a snap!

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Intelligent Valve – makes operation a snap

Operation as efficient as on the first day, low energy costs and high comfort: The Intelligent Valve ensures maximum efficiency and greater comfort in buildings.

Snap! It’s always comfortable and efficient

Optimize the plant. The Intelligent Valve continuously monitors temperature, flow rate, valve position and output – and adapts the valve characteristic to the heat exchanger. This ensures that the plant always operates as efficiently as it did on the day it was commissioned. This means significant savings on energy costs with no additional effort. The Intelligent Valve is also dynamic. It balances all pressure fluctuations to ensure a stable room climate and a high level of comfort. This is highly efficient and leads to significant reduction in energy use.

Snap! Faults are corrected and systems are always up to date 

Solve problems before they occur. The Intelligent Valve continuously monitors values and records their data. In case of irregularities, you can simply check where the problem is and correct it immediately. Alternatively, you can ask for remote support from a technician without having to visit the site. Thanks to a cloud connection and firmware updates, the Intelligent Valve is always up to date. Even changes in building use or plant expansions are not a problem. This is how you can guarantee smooth operation – consistently and in the long term.

Intelligent Valve – makes operation a snap!

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The Intelligent Valve: Guarantee the success of your plans – make it a snap!

Legal framework

To be eligible to use the Building Operator services, your company needs to sign a Master Order Form with your local Siemens entity. This document is tied into the Digital Service Agreement (DSA) together with the Product and Service Data Sheet (PSDS) which is the Specification Document for these services. The afore-mentioned documents make up the contractual basis.


Intelligent Valve – makes it a snap

In every project phase, the Intelligent Valve makes your work easier, saves you time, and guarantees both room comfort and maximum energy efficiency. With the Intelligent Valve planning, installation, commissioning and operation are a snap!

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