DHL Express Singapore

The global logistics leader has expanded its fleet of electric vehicles (EV) in Singapore as part of its net-zero emissions target. Siemens is charging up this EV fleet with its VersiCharge chargers.
Green logistics

DHL Express Singapore

As part of its sustainability commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, DHL Express is adding 80 electric vehicles (EV) to its delivery fleet in Singapore by October 2022, bringing the total tally to 90. To support these EVs, Siemens has installed 105 VersiCharge Gen 3 AC chargers at two of DHL’s service centers – this is by far the largest deployment of EV chargers for a commercial application in Singapore!


This large number of chargers will require a charging system that is able to manage the electric load on the facilities’ network, enabling DHL to monitor the EVs’ energy usage pattern and even allocate charging slots to each of the EVs.


Siemens’ VersiCharge is a smart AC charger capable of dynamically managing load via Open Charge Point Protocol, and is able to fulfill DHL’s requirement.


VersiCharge is compact and efficient, with smart interface and easy usability. By opting for VersiCharge AC chargers instead of the faster but more energy intensive DC chargers, the charging system will not require DHL to make major upgrade to its power supply grid.