Grand Hyatt Singapore

In operation since 1971, The Grand Hyatt Singapore is a landmark along Scotts Road, near Singapore's Orchard Road shopping and tourist belt. 
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Grand Hyatt Singapore

In operation since 1971, The Grand Hyatt Singapore is a landmark along Singapore's popular shopping and tourist belt. Rated in 2019 as one of the Top 5 City Hotels in Singapore by Travel + Leisure, the 22 storey Hotel has 677 guestrooms and suites.


Ensuring the comfort of guests is the priority for hotels around the world - and it is no different for the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. A landmark in the heart of the city's shopping district, the Hotel houses guestrooms and suites, as well as popular restaurants and meeting spaces.


With an aim to protect their guests and staff, Grand Hyatt sought out a reliable fire safety system which would also prevent false alarms. Within the Hospitality industry, false fire alarms without a reliable Building Management System can greatly impact a guest's experience and be damaging to the hotel's reputation. 


AlgoRex Fire Detection System

As a building’s first line of defense against fire hazards, the fire protection system’s importance must not be underestimated. The earlier a fire is detected, the better the appropriate measures can be taken to guide people out of harm’s way and limit property damages. This is why AlgoRex Fire detection system depends on innovative multi-sensor technology to identify dangerous situations as quickly and reliably as possibl. Explore Fire Safety.


Desigo CC Building Management System


Although every hotel operation is unique, one aspect shared by all hotels - if they are to operate profitably - is the wish to retain the loyalty of existing and satisfied customers and the constant need to attract new ones. In order to do so, they have to priortize their guest's experience and ensure smooth operation across the entire Hotel facility. Desigo CC Building Management system provides the Grand Hyatt with a peace of mind that their occupants are comfortable and safe. The networking of the various disciplines, along with those for fire safety, security, energy efficiency and evacuation, ensure the smooth, uninterrupted, day-to-day operation of the hotel. Explore Desigo CC.

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