The Siemens Centre, Singapore

The Siemens Centre, Singapore

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CapitaLand is Singapore’s first and largest listed business space and industrial Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a portfolio diversified across five major segments of the business space and industrial property market. The Siemens Centre, one of the properties owned by the company, is an office space with a gross floor area of 32,000 sqm. As an achor tenant, Siemens Pte Ltd is the Headquarter for Siemens within the ASEAN region and houses roughly 1,300 employees.


Considered the “heart” of a building’s HVAC system, particularly for larger buildings, chiller plant optimization is critical to achieving better building performance. Not only is the chiller plant the main source of cooling, but its power requirements make up a large amount of a building’s energy needs. As such, improving the chiller plant’s efficiency remains one of the top priorities for Facilities Management teams as they seek to improve avenues for optimal operations with minimal disruptions to their tenants.


CapitaLand was looking to upgrade the existing air-cooled chillers, which were outdated and inefficient. Furthermore, having two different plant rooms for the same facility was making operations difficult and cumbersome for the facility management team. The complex project had multiple challenges such as combining the facility cooling systems into a centralized plant. These were overcome by Siemens' innovative technologies.


In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Singapore’s shores, companies had to remain vigilant by ensuring the health, safety and comfort of its most value able assets – its people. There was a need for a workplace platform that not only supports a safe return to the workplace for over 650 employees, but also allows Facilities Management to make informed decisions for real estate right-sizing, while laying the foundation for more agile and future-oriented working.




The Smart Infrastructure team from Siemens provided a solution which helped enhance operations and reduce energy consumption. This was achieved through the installation of a new water-cooled chiller plant room package with Demand Flow™ optimization consisting of:

  • Water-cooled magnetic bearing chillers
  • New cooling towers and pumps
  • Measurement, verification & optimization via the Navigator cloud-based platform 

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In addition, the energy consumption of The Siemens Centre is linked to the Siemens Advanced Service Centre (ASC). In so doing, the ASC is able to monitor the energy consumption of the buildings online in real time and make adjustments immediately where anomalies from target values are detected.


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The Smart Workplace solution deployed at The Siemens Center is built on a foundation of intelligent IoT sensors. When integrated with the Worplace experience app, the sensor technology will enable employees to check the occupancy rate in the office and book a desk or meeting room, based on predefined thresholds. Through this, employees can, with a peace of mind, register their intention to work in the office, receive company-related updates, use indoor navigation, locate co-workers and submit facility issues to the Facilities Management or sanitation team. It even provides occupants personalized control over their building environment, empowering them to control temperature, lighting, and more.


A dashboard of historical, current and future data of employees returning to the office, eliminates the manual and time-consuming tracking process. The app also offers in-depth analytics in the form of dashboards and reports that provides insights on how spaces are being used, enabling a smarter, data-driven strategy to better maximize this through redundant space management.


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Siemens helped the customer address their core issues by designing an efficient centralized water-cooled chiller plant room that would assist in The Siemens Centre meeting Singapore's Building Construction Authority (BCA)'s Green Mark GoldPlus status.


The seamless integration of the Comfy app and Enlighted IoT sensor network enables a safe and comfortable return to the workplace for its occupants, thereby increasing productivity and employee retention, while the facility managers are able to monitor occupancy limits, have digital contact tracing, touchless entry and save operational costs.



  • 57% kW/RT improvement in chiller plant efficiency
  • Expected annual savings of SGD 200,000 from chiller plant optimization
  • Reduced downtimes
  • Able to optimize maintenance and service
  • 50% of users report an increase in employee productivity
  • More than 30% increase in space utilization