Access control

Access control

Integrated solutions for access control and time & attendance – flexible, secure and reliable

Siveillance Access is used to regulate who or what may enter a building complex. A differentiation between physical and logical access control can be made, where physical access control limits the access to campuses, offices or rooms with physical IT assets. Logical access controls the access to computer networks, system files or data. Securing today’s business landscape involves a strategic methodology and proactive approach to stay ahead of possible risk. Security practitioners require robust, future-proof solutions that can be flexibly deployed as security requirements evolve. Siemens addresses these challenges with a scalable offering of reliable access control systems. We can design and implement access control solutions that are tailored for restricted areas, corporate complexes, single buildings and more. Advanced technologies bring you the functionality you need with expandability for the future so the investment you make today will not become obsolete overnight if your business requirements change. Find out more on SIPORT, SiPass integrated and Siveillance Identity Self-Service Portal.


Security solutions in action

Security can take many different forms. Take a look at some of the projects we were involved with to find out how your organization can benefit from our expertise and services.