Energy automation

Ready for the things to come with energy automation and smart grid solutions

Developments such as distributed generation, new service offers, and sector coupling give rise to new challenges. The extensive Siemens technologies, products, services, and solutions live up to them economically and in the best way possible.

The grid edge revolution - Innovative drivers towards net-zero energy

We show how innovations at the grid edge are helping to drive one of the most radical transitions in human history – a move from a centralized energy system to one that is more decentralized, more local and more efficient. Towards an energy system that is more democratic and where individuals have more control. An energy system that meets the needs of the global population, but that also benefits the planet.

Energy Automation Products and Systems

Substation automation, protection, and smart communications

Intelligent products to keep your grids up and running without any need to worry

Rely on trendsetting, trustworthy technology

Flawless operation of the entire grid in our increasingly distributed energy landscape is the basic prerequisite for any network operator, electricity supplier, and industrial enterprise today. Siemens provides innovative hardware and digital products, solutions, and services that support you in preparing for the future challenges energy system change will bring about. They help ensure supply security as well as efficient grid operations while reaping the benefits of the digital age.

Grid operation and control

Smart digital technology to ensure supply security, operational efficiency, and a greener future

Manage current tasks and create future opportunities

Digitalization and decentralization are transforming the energy landscape right down to its very foundations and at amazing speed. That’s why Siemens provides smart solutions that help exploit for the benefit of grid operators what appears to be a challenge: digitally enabled products, solutions, and services that enhance the operation of grids of any size with valuable information, this way ensuring economic and energy efficiency, reliability and resilience, and a higher degree of sustainability. 

Grid applications and analytics

Unlocking the power of data to create added value in energy automation

Know what’s going on and what will be going on

Indeed, meeting the growing demand for power of our global, increasingly digital society is a challenge. On the other hand, digitalization helps DSOs and TSOs master this challenge in its entirety and at the same time create added value through optimized efficiency, transparency, and reliability. Siemens provides the tools and expertise required across the entire value chain, from grid monitoring and analysis all the way to cybersecurity and the creation of new business models.    

Grid planning and simulation

Everything it takes to ensure the utmost reliability, efficiency and safety in future-proof power systems

Prepare for the future in the most sophisticated manner

From power generation all the way to distribution, power systems have never been more complex than today and demands are continuously rising. That’s why Siemens provides grid operators and utilities with the powerful, flexible, and intuitive software tools, the expertise, and the global experience it takes to compete in this dynamic environment by simplifying data maintenance and exchange as well as planning ahead, both in technical and business terms.

Grid Security

Cyber security is a highly sensitive area that demands a trustworthy partner.

Grid Security

Cyber security is a highly sensitive area that demands a trustworthy partner. A technology partner who understands how products, systems, and solutions integrate with the processes and people behind them and how people interact with them

Services for power automation

Siemens’ full range of power automation services and smart grid solutions is completely tailored to your specific needs. 

Services for power automation

Siemens’ full range of power automation services and smart grid solutions is completely tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive service portfolio covers various areas such as „Operational Services“, Upgrades & Optimization (Retrofit), IT Security, Digital Services as well as Consulting & Trainings. Our services can provide valuable support to you in supplying your customers with energy - reducing your costs and optimizing your operations in the meantime. With our help, you can develop new business models while making your business fit for the age of digitalization. 

Siemens Power Academy

Building on Siemens’ long years of experience in the fields of power generation, transmission, and distribution, the Siemens Power Academy offers a comprehensive program of professional training events based on realistic simulation in the fields of power generation, distribution, and transmission at 31 training centers around the world. Tailored sessions and schedules ensure effective training and coaching focused on real-life objects including the latest Siemens products and solutions and supported by the usage of equipment, scripts, slides, and documents.

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Siemens technologies, products, services, and solutions provide power producers, grid operators, power utilities, industrial companies, and municipalities with what it takes to tackle challenges such as the steady increase of distributed energy systems, the need to integrate renewable energy, and the aging of grid infrastructures. The Siemens experts, who are also available through, are always happy to support you in your individual approach toward managing such tasks. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss ways to reach your aims economically and in the best way possible despite increasing complexity, this way paving the way to a successful future.