The new era of flexible high power charging
High-power, flexible, modular, and scalable

SICHARGE D – the future of DC fast charging

Dynamic and flexible, the SICHARGE D compact charger (IEC standard) offers numerous built-in opportunities. Take advantage of our superior technology and ease your decision process – and build a future-ready charging infrastructure.



SICHARGE D in 3D and with Augmented Reality

Explore all the details of SICHARGE D in 3D and experience SICHARGE D in your reality with Augmented Reality.

Leave your mark on the market!

The SICHARGE D compact chargers give you a leading edge, allowing you to support your customers with four unique features.
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SICHARGE D brochure

Features designed for you

Best-in-class technology

Based on extensive technological expertise and passionate ingenuity
Sicharge D

The compact charger SICHARGE D won the IF award, one of the most important design awards in the world, in the following disciplines

Trendsetting SICHARGE D

Today’s solution for the challenges of tomorrow

With a long-lasting investment like fast-charging technology, it’s not just a matter of what’s currently in demand. Just as important are the options for tomorrow’s operation. With SICHARGE D, these options are available already today.
When travelling, in town, for short breaks

Perfect fit for all your applications

When the time to charge is short and high power is required, SICHARGE D is the perfect choice: The compact charging station that integrates seamlessly into your environment.

ValueScreen – more than a touchscreen

Flexible interaction for you and your customers

Image height adjustment and expanded functionality

The integrated 24” user-friendly adjustable screen allows your customers to easily operate the SICHARGE D charger at the most convenient height. Future chargers will operate as part of integrated business processes, and allow more functions than just charging. With its large flexible screen, the SICHARGE D is already prepared to support this expanded functionality.


Intuitive navigation

The SICHARGE D ValueScreen allows customers to intuitively navigate along the entire charging journey – for extra ease-of-use, especially for drivers that are unfamiliar with charging at a SICHARGE D charger.


SICHARGE D is ready to integrate your ecosystem for added value, let us develop together!

Value added examples:

• Charging stations bonus points

• Airport schedule

• Menu ordering integration

• Service planning at car dealers … and many more


Future-proof flexibility

SICHARGE D has a modular system that can be easily upgraded. Future demands on charging power or extension of DC outlets can be met easily and cost-efficiently to serve the next generation of electric vehicles.

All chargers can be upgraded to 300 kW

With our SICHARGE D you are ready to meet the rising demands for fast charging. Your charger can easily be upgraded with additional power modules guaranteeing minimum downtime: plug-and-play. After restarting, the system is automatically reconfigured and delivers upgraded power.


Future-proof flexibility

Charge up to five cars with a single system

Easily extendable with additional dispensers, the SICHARGE D charging system gives you ultimate flexibility and optimized parking space utilization. Easily accessible by up to five electric vehicles charging in parallel (4 x DC and 1 x AC) at any SICHARGE D compact charger.


Dynamic power allocation (DPA)

With SICHARGE D, the charging process dynamically follows the demand of the connected vehicle(s). This always makes full use of the available charging power and shortens the charging time for each connected vehicle.

Charging tailored to actual demand

Electric vehicle with high charging capacity can consume up to 300 kW on any DC outlet, depending on configuration. In case two vehicles are charging in parallel, the available power will be automatically shared according to their individual demand, optimizing the charging time.

SICHARGE D flexibility

Options and technical data

SICHARGE D offers a lot of options to perfectly adapt the charging system to individual demands.
Experience peace of mind

More than charging

We offer you world-class services and support throughout the entire lifetime of your charging equipment thus assuring the maximum uptime and highest availability of your chargers.

Manage your charging equipment with Care and Care Plus packages as part of our digital connected services.


The basic Care package is included

during the warranty period and can

be extended by subscription.

It ensures that firmware updates

keep your charger up-to-date as

eMobility continues to evolve.

Remote analyses and diagnostics

are performed by our support 

center on demand.

Care Plus

Enjoy all Care digital services and

more with our Care Plus package.

Your charger will be proactively

monitored and analyzed by our

operation center, and you will receive 

priority delivery of firmware updates.

SICHARGE D – the future of DC fast charging

SICHARGE D – the future of DC fast charging

Watch the recording of the webinar and see how SICHARGE D can change what you have thought of electric chargers before!


The webinar will provide you insights on:

  • How to build a future-ready charging infrastructure
  • How to use your charging infrastructure for new business models
  • How to manage the charging system dynamically

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