Flexible and robust charging solution for eBus and eTruck depot charging
The SICHARGE UC product family

Energizing the world of electrical utility vehicles

Our mission is to always provide you with the best hardware and software for your specific needs. You can freely choose from the components in the SICHARGE UC product family in various power classes. Our future-oriented charging infrastructure can handle a diverse mix of eVehicles, seamlessly integrated in any existing environment, optimize your electricity bill with highest efficiency in industry, and ensure that all your eVehicles are always available when you need them.

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Higher value for buildings and real estate

SICHARGE UC Product Family at a glance

One product family for all types of utility electric vehicles that meets all requirements and is suitable for both opportunity and depot charging.
Dispenser for the plug-in connection

For investment and space optimization, several Dispensers can be powered in sequence by a single Charging Center. For the air-cooled version up to 150 kW, we offer roof- and wall-mounted Dispenser variants along with the floor-mounted option. Liquid-cooled cables as an option can be installed in the same Dispenser housing, increasing charging power up to 400 A.

Charging Center SICHARGE UC 150

SICHARGE UC 150 is the new member of the SICHARGE UC family. The Charging Center SICHARGE UC 150 delivers 150 kW for a future-proof, reliable, and optimized charging solution. It has many advantages, including higher current output, smaller footprint, low noise, better serviceability, and much more.

Contact hood
Contact Hood

For electric vehicles with an on-board Pantograph, the contact Hood is the right connection. We offer two solutions: a contact hood mounted on a mast or right under the ceiling via the Dispenser.

Charging Center SICHARGE UC 100-800
Charging Center

The Charging Center is the core of your system. It contains the charging controller, the DC converters, and an optional direct cable connection to the vehicle. Several other vehicle connections like the cable-based Dispenser, inverted Pantograph, and Hood can be powered by this unit.


For opportunity charging, we offer the inverted Pantograph solution with the MastPanto based on the OPPCharge (opportunity charging) solution. The solution is provided for the entire SICHARGE UC portfolio. 

Charging Center

The charging center is the core of your system. It contains the charging controller, the DC converters and an optional direct cable connection to the vehicle. Several other vehicle connections like the cable-based dispenser, inverted pantograph, and contact hood can be powered by this unit.


SICHARGE UC 150 charging center highlights

• Smaller base area for space-constrained sites

• Optimized design concept with large 180° front door opening for convenient service

• Power cable* of suitable length with cable holder for easy operation

• High degree of protection (IP54) from dust and spray water

• C4 paint for highly corrosive environments; weatherproof, UV-resistant, color-stable, and scratch-resistant, powder coating

• Rain inclination hood

• Emergency DC shutdown button

• Smooth plug handling with ergonomically designed plug holder



  • A variety of options are available for SICHARGE UC charging centers:
  • LED for user guidance and indication of DC charging status
  • EMC Class B 
  • RFID card reader
  • Daylight-readable multilingual 10″ outdoor touchscreen display IK 10
  • DC charging cable CCS2
  • Input AC meter, output DC meter


The cable-connected dispensers in the SICHARGE UC family are installed close to the vehicle connection and feature a small footprint. For investment and space optimization, several dispensers can be powered in sequence by a single charging center.

Single-plug dispenser highlights

• Inclined rain protection hood directs water to the rear

• Outdoor usage with IP54 degree of protection from dust and spray water

• Cable optionally cooled for up to 400 A

• Multiple options for floor, wall, or roof mounting

• Cable holder for easy and clean operation

• Power cable for use in harsh environments, convenient length

• Air ventilation slots for the liquid-cooled cable

These options are available:

Multilingual 7‘‘ outdoor touchscreen display at an ergonomic height, accessible and easy to read even in bright sunlight

Charging status indication by 360° LED light


Inverted pantographs and hoods

Inverted pantograph

For the eVehicles with the contact rails on the roof the inverted pantograph is the right charging solution.

Inverted pantograph highlights

• Cantilever arms available in short or long with a large variety of colors to suit        any city environment

• WLAN antenna for secure and reliable WiFi communication to charging                infrastructure

• LED signal lamp to indicate the status of charging

Optional: Cantilever extension by one meter possible




Charging systems for ebuses

Siemens is at the forefront of this technology with tailored solutions that are already running on many locations.


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