SICHARGE CC AC 22-Energized design for the future of eMobility

Werner's Wallbox

Energizing design for home charging

Werner's Wallbox

Today’s eMobility is fast, safe and efficient. And the expectation to charging infrastructure for EVs, hardware and software, is continuously evolving. Therefore it is important to provide customers and users a reliable offering which shows a clear future proof. The [Werner’s Wallbox] in its 3rd generation is the result of continuous development of nearly ten years and a state-of-the-art product, matching the needs and expectations. Participate from an energizing design and technology, showing for what we stand: ingenuity for life

Your benefits at a glance

Fit for all parking situations

While a Wallboxes natural environment is the nearby brick or concrete, such possibility is not always feasible.

The Versicharge product family includes an entire set of accessories, allowing easy integration in any of your charging locations. Models for 1,2,3 or even 4 charges in one place as well as an optional cable management system is available.

Beside the options of installation, wall-mounted or on a pole you may chose also your setup.

Parent – Child Configuration

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Vehicle connection

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Available variants

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