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Shaping the future of industry with the latest addition to the Siemens Advanced Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC) 

An environment for collaboration and co-creation

The latest addition to the Siemens Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC), this immersive customer experience focuses on advance manufacturing powered by Siemens Digital Enterprise, through intelligent technologies and design, consulting and implementation services. Come explore the interaction between the real and digital worlds and see how live data from the shop floor is used for gaining new insights. Successfully implement digitalization from the very first moment through consulting, implementation and optimization. Discover how to turn your digital journey into a success story at Future Now Industry iCX.

Shaping the Future of Industry with Digital Enterprise

Digitalization and automation are the gamechangers for mastering the challenges of today and tomorrow. What else does it take? Discover how to turn your digital journey into a success story.

The digital company is already a reality. In order to take advantage of all the benefits of digitalization, businesses must first achieve end-to-end integration of their data. Fully digitally integrated business processes, as well as those of suppliers, can help to generate a digital representation of the entire value chain. This requires the integration of industrial software and automation, the expansion of communication networks, security in the field of automation and use of business-specific industrial services.

Inspired by the Digital Enterprise Concept

Digital Enterprise

A digital enterprise is a company that has completed a digitalization strategy (or digital transformation) to fully integrate digital tools and technologies into all aspects of its operations. That means from realization of ideas to use. 

In a broad sense, digitization transforms a company's original business model and creates new business opportunities by leveraging digitized assets and organizational resources – by merging the development and planning of the intangible product with physical production and operational support.  Specifically, digital companies focus on converting their data assets into digital formats and automating business processes with scalable technologies that can use and contribute to these assets – such as cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and various software solutions.

Innovation Highlights

Digital Enterprise for Discrete Industries

Innovation Highlights

Digital Enterprise for Process Industries

Innovation Highlights

Digital Enterprise Services

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