Aquaculture 4.0 

The future of fish farming

First Aquaculture 4.0 closed containment system for tropical fish in Singapore

Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT), a pioneer in utilizing closed containment systems for tropical fish, launches its commercial Smart Floating Fish Farm at a ceremony officiated by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Mr Masagos Zulkifli.

About Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT)

The 3000 square meter offshore farm, located off Pasir Ris Coast, is the first known Aquaculture 4.0 floating closed containment fish farm using Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). It creates a controlled environment through a multi-level water treatment process. In addition, the farm integrates a high degree of automation, self-regulated control cycles and artificial intelligence within a Farm Management Information System to achieve a productive and environmentally friendly operation.

Customer situation

SAT has been using closed containment systems since 2012. This means the water where fish are kept are separated from sea water, allowing the farm to have more control of environmental factors that may harm the fish, such as pathogens, algae blooms, oil spills and effects of climate change.

Technology features and benefits

Singapore Food Authority

Developed with support from SFA’s Agriculture Productivity Fund, the Smart Floating Fish Farm, together with the existing floating steel-structure fish farm, can produce up to 350 metric tons of fish when it is operating at full capacity in 2021.