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Innovation by Design
About Design Thinking

Innovation by Design

At Siemens Design Thinking we cut to the root of the problem. Our people-centric approach will guide you to harness the potential of disruptive technologies and design new business models from scratch. This way, we make real what matters to you!

Why Design Thinking?

Siemens Design Thinking lets you create solutions which incorporates technological feasiblility and business viability with functional usability.  Our creative methodology gives everyone the chance to work like a designer and create something from scratch.  The design thinking framework can be applied to all parts of the value chain (e.g.: Commercial services, product development, corporate strategy).

How Design Thinking can help you:

  • Create a common understanding by bringing in different perspective
  • Create an alignment on a common problem within the team
  • Discover (possibilities) in a co-creating space
  • Developing tailored proto-types that places the user at the core
  • Build a successful equation
Our Offering

Let us take you through a journey

Siemens offers an integrated range of modules, guiding you through your unique Design Thinking journey.
  • Understanding of business problems, stakeholders and journey mapping
  • Detailed as-is & to-be processes and solution architecture
  • Validated and tested low-fi prototypes
  • Implementation decision and strategy
  • All modules are also individually available
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