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The digital transformation is presenting companies with major challenges.  As a partner for industry, we support you in your efforts to turn these challenges into even greater opportunities.  We help pave your path to a successful digital future and offer new possibilities to improve your competitive strength.  One of the biggest pain points of industrial players today is manual systems.  Moreover, decentralization of service data often leads to confusion and missing information as data is stored in several places.  As a result, the time and effort required to physically retrieve service data is often massive and at times, futile.  SWYFT has been created to eliminate these problems that many companies are facing.  SWYFT is a mobile and web application for the industries.  It is a single platform that breaks the manual workflow by connecting customers and service providers, giving them full service data transparency.  SWYFT achieves this by retaining all information related to the service job, which includes preventive maintenance, repair and field service.  It is a standalone application that requires no system integration.  SWYFT digitalizes service processes, functions as a service resource management tool and offers a bird’s-eye view of deployed contractors.  The network that SWYFT creates offers an environment with endless possibilities.  From industry services to emerging technologies like 3D printing, SWYFT is the service gateway of the future, addressing the industry needs of today & tomorrow!

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How SWYFT works

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The "SWYFT Customer" and "SWYFT Engineer" apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play:
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Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the App:

In General

A:  SWYFT is constructed on a Secured Domain, running on a secured AWS server system.

A:  On your respective login page, click “Forget Password?” to recover your password via your registered email address.

A:  No, the operator / site engineer must be the person who sends the service request.

A:   Users may invite other parties to connect with them via SWYFT.

STEP 1 - Use the other party's email address to invite them to connect with you on SWYFT

STEP 2 - Select the "Customer HQ" or "Service Partner" tab

STEP 3 - Click "Invite Customer“ or "Invite Service Partner"

A:  "Contract Management" is a free function where Customers and Service Providers can input the details of their service agreement(s) on SWYFT.

For Customers

A:  The definition of the severity of service requests depends on the service agreement between the Customer and the Service Provider.

A: The assigned engineer must confirm their service job within 5 minutes.

For Engineers

A: Service engineers will need to update their availability status accordingly under "Settings" in the SWYFT Engineer mobile app.  There is no automatic "Online" function.

A: Service engineers may attach the hardcopy of their task log after the service job is completed.

Feedback and Escalation

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Should you have issues with the SWYFT App, we will be glad to assist you.