Digital Twin Application for Production Optimization

Technical Paper
Technical Paper

Digital Twin Application for Production Optimization

Authors: S. M. Jeon1, S. Schuesslbauer2

1 Digital Industries Customer Service, Siemens Pte Ltd, Singapore

2 Digital Industries Factory Automation, Siemens AG, Germany



This paper is focused on the digital twin solution

to validate the performance optimization of production lines.

We propose three steps to approach the digital twin for

production lines. As the first step, a simulation model is

created to imitate real world behavior. After that, automation

engineering is applied to communicate between real world

and virtual model. A programmable logic controller (PLC)

code is embedded as a communication language. Digital twin

realization is shown by integration of simulation and

automation. A case study presents how to bring practical

benefits by applying the digital twin solution in production

line virtual commissioning.