Služby náhradných dielov na bezproblémovú prevádzku

Siemens supplies you with spare parts for industry, quickly and without complications

Bezpečnosť v prípade nebezpečenstva  – vždy k dispozícii správny náhradný diel

Minimálne doby výpadu a optimálne využitie personálu a prevádzkových prostriedkov s hlavným kľúčom dlhodobého úspechu v priemysle. V prípade ich výpadu je v najhoršom prípade odstavené celé zariadenie.  Keďže aj najkvalitnejšie komponenty dosiahnu niekedy koniec svojej technickej životnosti, predstavujú naše služby náhradných dielov nevyhnutnú bázu pre bezproblémovú prevádzku.  

Nájdite správne náhradné diely

Nájdite náhradné diely

Siemens - Servis pre priemysel, Slovenská republika

V prípade potreby servisného zásahu alebo technickej podpory na produktové spektrum v oblasti automatizačnej techniky a pohonov nás môžete kontaktovať 24/7 na nasledovnej adrese:

Siemens Servisné zásahy, technická podpora:
Siemens s.r.o.
Lamačská cesta 3/A
SK 841 04 Bratislava
HOTLINE: +421 2 59 68 22 50

Servis manager:

Ondrej Supek

Spare Parts Services customer support

Please use our contact database to find an expert near you who can help you with getting the spare parts you need.


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Dodávka náhradných dielov od výrobcu

Dodávka náhradných dielov od výrobcu

Väčšina originálnych náhradných dielov Siemens je k dispozícii až do 10 rokov po ukončení používania produktu. Na zabezpečenie maximálnej pohotovosti zariadenia a ešte väčšej bezpečnosti je účelná komplexná optimalizácia dodávky náhradných dielov.

Your benefits at a glance

Thanks to Spare Parts Services from Siemens for automation and drive systems, as well as machine tools and production machines, you can optimize the availability and service life of your plant.
Find and order spare parts

Need a specific spare part?

We help you quickly find the right spare part for your plant and machinery.

Identify the right spare parts via your browser...

The fastest way to the right spare parts or components is via our web search. Entering the article and/or serial number will bring up the part you need directly.


Spares on Web

… or with the convenience of the Industry Online Support App

Order spare parts directly with just a few clicks


Found the right spare part? Order it directly via the Industry Mall or talk to your personal contact, who’ll be happy to help you further.



Order spare sparts

Ordering, availability, and delivery times for spare parts

Learn about delivery times for your spare parts from Siemens, and also availability and the length of ongoing supply after a product is discontinued. You can also find information on the emergency spare parts service and replacements for defective components.

Information on ordering spare parts

Find out more

Increase your plant availabilty with our Spare Parts Services

Do you want to optimize your spare parts management?

Benefit form our spare parts packages that are individually matched to your plant or system and learn how you can secure an extended replacement period for specific defective products and systems. In this way, our worldwide Spare Parts Services help you both to solve malfunctions before major damages occur and to increase the availability of your plant.

Spare parts packages

Reduce downtimes when a fault occurs

Spare parts packages ensure short-term availability on-site as a matter of course, especially when you need spare parts unexpectedly. What goes in the spare parts packages is individually coordinated with the drive components you have in place. Depending on demand and plant requirements, you can count on the package being available throughout your system’s lifecycle. That improves the availability of the entire plant – with spare parts in proven Siemens quality.

Spare parts concepts

High plant availability with optimum spare parts concepts

Optimized inventories of spare parts mean you can respond at any time and keep your production systems running. With its individual spare parts concepts – also supplying obsolete products for your process control system, Siemens helps you to make lasting improvements to the efficiency of your spare parts supply. In addition, you can extend the service life of your machine or plant.  Our scheduled upgrade services from old to new products support you in preventing unplanned machine downtimes. In this way, thanks to a structured and systematic approach, your inventories are optimally adjusted to the needs of your plant.   

Extended warranty

Reduce your financial risk and improve cost transparency in your operations

Whether you simply want to extend the length of our original standard warranty terms, or enhance your coverage of your Siemens products and systems, our Extended Warranty options can help to protect your investments.


Spare Parts Services in practice

Many companies are already successfully using Spare Parts Services from Siemens. See the following references on our Spare Parts Services for examples.


Your contact for personal support

Need a specific spare part quickly for your automation system, a drive, or a machine tool? Potentially looking to optimize your spare parts inventory? Use our contacts database to find your personal contact who’ll be happy to help, quickly and easily.

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