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Siemens Mobility is a global leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years with a local footprint in Thailand for more than 20 years!

What we do

 Siemens Mobility Thailand provides products and solution for all topics in the area of passenger and freight transportation – including rail vehicles, rail automation systems, rail electrification systems, rail services and road traffic technology.


Besides handing over the BTS Sky train and MRTA metro for revenue-generating operation, Siemens also seamlessly took both over maintenance responsibility for all railway core systems.


With our Center of Competence Rail Services ASEAN-Pacific, engineering hub for maintenance service located in Bangkok, we support customers across the region. Moreover the team maintains the train control and signaling system for the Airport Rail Link delivered to the State Railway of Thailand.


As a preferred provider for rail systems with more than 20 years of service experience, we have market-leading expertise on Thailand's rail system and its challenges, providing us with us with more valuable insights for existing and future rail projects.


“We are proud to be trusted by the entire partner in Thailand. We will continue to be a strong partner to our customers, supporting the development of the country’s railway infrastructure and rolling stock as well as promoting railway knowledge through education. We aim to stay innovative while providing the best solutions for this country,” shared Mr. Tomasz Mazur, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Mobility Limited.

Mobility products and solutions

3 local expertise hubs in Bangkok for the world

With more than 400 experienced railway maintenance staff in Thailand, Siemens has established the Center of Competence (CoC) Rail Services ASEAN-Pacific in Bangkok to provide service support to individual customers in the territory as well as to Siemens’ regional entities which are dealing with railway, urban and suburban rail transport (metro, tramway, main line, heavy rail).


Our service:


·       Tailored railway maintenance solutions

·       Mobilization support for maintenance projects

·       Expertise and consultancy in railway services

·       Selection and delivery of spare parts

·       Train overhaul planning and execution

·       Refurbishment and repairs of selected components

·       Training courses for railway maintenance


The CoC consist of five sections -


  1. Technical Expertise:

·       Rolling Stock

·       Signaling

·       Rail  Electrification

·       Telecommunication

·       Track work

·       Automatic Fare Collection

·       Platform Screen Doors

·       Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

·       Depot Workshop Equipment 


2. Electronic Workshop


·       Offer reliable repair solution

·       Supports refurnishment activities throughout the ASEAN - Pacific


3. Training


·       Offer one-week training course in “Maintenance in Practice”

·       Share wide spectrum of maintenance knowledge


4. Sales/Logistic for Spares, Repairs and Services


·       Offer a range of customized solution

·       Find the right spare part supplier and suitable experts in solving technical issues


5. Business Administration and Hotline


Our assistance hotline is available from Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ICT (with the exception of public holiday in Thailand) to support all sections and appropriately connected to any of our experts.


One Engineering Hub community in ASP region (AUNZ & ASEAN) embedded in the regional cooperation matrix to cover the project needs which focus mainly on end to end interlocking / wayside systems as well as ETCS L1 including System Assurance, Installation Supervision/Test& Commissioning (for ASEAN Projects) – both for Main Line and Mass Transit Business

  • High Voltage Substation (Bulk Substation)
  • Medium Voltage Substation
  • DC Traction Power and Service Substation
  • SCADA and Process Automation
  • Commissioning for DC Traction Power and SCADA System

Trust is a must

The key to success of Siemens Mobility, Thailand to foster the development of Bangkok's public transport is not only being reliable with regard to delivery but with understanding and supporting our customers. Find out more on how Tomasz Mazur, Head of Mobility, Siemens Thailand conquers all challenges in Bangkok's rail transport in an interview here.

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