Propak Asia 2019

 BITEC Bangkok, BA 31 , Hall 100
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Siemens at Propak Asia 2019

Digital Solutions to increase Competitiveness

Food and beverage manufacturers must consider many factors: a consistently high level of product quality, maximum plant availability, optimum resource efficiency – and, increasingly, the greatest possible flexibility in order to meet more and more individual customer requirements. Mastering all these challenges today and in the future is possible only with digitalization. We offer the products and solutions you need to fully or gradually integrate and digitalize your entire value chain.
Technology talk

How digitalization can meet consumer goods

Digitalization offers many possibilities, but how can it support the consumer goods business? Learn how digital solutions can meet the requirements of fast moving consumer goods in order to achieve a competitive advantage with innovative products which attract customers, hand in hand with an increased transparency within the production during the Technology talk by our Siemens expert!


Time: 12 June during 14.00pm-14.45pm


Venue: Hall 105, Propak 2019, BITEC Bangkok


Topic: Digitalization does not start in the cloud, instead, a holistic approach from the shop floor up to the management level is required. The biggest question is: Where to start?  Today’s challenge is to connect all vertical levels in order to exchange data and use them to create an intelligent production. This means, data from all levels have to be combined and evaluated which requires a seamless communication based on a high degree of standardization. To meet the requirements of mass customization and the increasing usage of e-commerce, the production itself becomes more complex. To reduce complexity and speed up the design and engineering of production facilities, a digital twin is the right approach.

Siemens expert: Alexander Samuel Grimm, Department Head of Vertical Food & Beverage ASEAN, Siemens Pte.


Education: University of applied sciences Ansbach, Industrial Engineer (Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur)


Career: Employed at Siemens since 2011


- 2011 – 2016: Marketing Manager PC-based Automation, Nuremberg

- Since 2017: Head of Vertical Food & Beverage ASEAN,Singapore 

Future of industry

Experience the Digital Enterprise

From digital twins for machine builders to the use of our IoT platform, MindSphere, for the end customer, in the area of digitalization - get ready to experience the edge of innovation in digital solutions for industry.
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BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, Jun 13 - Jun 16, 2019

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Technologies at the Siemens booth


Totally Intergated Automation (TIA) Portal

TIA is an integral part of the Digital Enterprise Software Suite. Siemens is already offering an optimized platform for Industrie 4.0 processes with the Digital Enterprise Software Suite, which combines the benefits of Siemens’ Product Lifecycle Management Software with the proven properties of TIA via a shared database. Learn more.


Siemens drive technology offers perfectly coordinated drive component for reliable operation, ready for digitalization. Whether it’s a matter of efficient pumping, ventilating and compressing, or precise movement, processing, or machining, the number of application areas for frequency converters is almost endless. So it’s good that there is one family of drives for all of these areas that fulfills every requirement perfectly: SINAMICS.  Our portfolio represents uniform engineering, extremely high efficiency and convenient operation:

  • SINAMICS S210: The easy, high-Performance and safe servo drive System. The easy, high-Performance and safe servo drive System.The converters come with integrated safety functions and enable rapid engineering. They are connected to the higher-level controller over PROFINET and allow simple commissioning using a web server and one-button tuning. Download informationand learn more.
  • SINAMICS G120C: SINAMICS G120C is especially compact with a high power density, and offers a well-balanced combination of functions to address a wide range of applications.With its seven frame sizes, it covers a performance range of 0.55  to 132 kW. Download information and learn more.
  • SINAMICS V90: The performance-optimized and easy-to-use servo drive system - cost effective, easy to use, allowing for reliable operation. Download information sheet and learn more.
  • SINAMICS V20: Siemens is offering a simple and cost-effective drive solution with its compact SINAMICS V20 Basic Performance converter. it covers a power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 30 kW in the voltage range 1AC 200 V to 240 V and 3AC 380 V to 480 V. Download information and learn more.


  • Industrial communication: Industrial communication is essential for every industry. It facilitates the company-wide exchange of data across the entire value-added chain, from the field level to the management level.  Industrial communication with products and systems from Siemens are based on proven standards and ensure greater company-wide efficiency. Learn more.
  • Industrial Ethernet: Siemens' industrial communication relies on Industrial Ethernet and comprises everything that you need to realize highly efficient industrial networks and bus systems: Powerful, future-proof network components for reliable use in harsh industrial environments, a cabling system for fast assembly on site, high-speed redundancy for failure safety, and an alarm concept for continuous monitoring of network components. Learn more
  • Wireless communication: Wireless communication offers many new possibilities in the industry for particularly flexible and efficient automation solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of products from industrial wireless communication to remote networks based on IWLAN, WiMAX to private VPN with high security.Whether your applications include cranes, driverless transport systems or telecontrol/teleservicing: Our components for wireless communication cover various indoor as well as outdoor applications and are distinguished by their reliability, robustness and safety – even under the toughest conditions. Learn more.


Whether for a single operator station, multiple operator stations or complex solutions, whether for small or large plants – SIMATIC SCADA systems will grow with your plant. Siemens SCADA systems are scalable throughout the entire lifecycle, making it possible to expand existing systems at any time. That means investment security. Whether single-user systems, multi-user systems, or even widely distributed systems: you can use Siemens SCADA systems to visualize machines, lines, and entire plants and thus ensure transparency. As a result, you can identify optimization potential, minimize downtimes, and guarantee a short time-to-market. Learn more.

Manufacturing Operations Management

The Siemens Manufacturing Optimization Management (MOM) portfolio enables customers to implement the strategy and first steps towards complete digitalization of manufacturing operations, via these solutions:

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES): SIMATIC IT UA DM and SIMATIC IT UA PI are the two SIMATIC IT MES solutions for Discrete and Process Industries. Both are based on SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture, a platform for creating an integrated MOM ecosystem, targeting the current and future transformational technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing: mobile internet, automation of knowledge work, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. At the core of SIT UA Foundation is a unified manufacturing operations data bus that provides a common backbone for the integration of legacy applications while providing the first fundamental step towards a unified, integrated system. Learn more.
  • R&D Suite: SIMATIC IT R&D Suite is a solution for process industries. It is a modular, scalable software platform for R&D and quality. This includes software for lab automation (LIMS), specification and product data management, electronic lab notebook, formula and recipe management, digital supplier data exchange and management, and regulatory management. Learn more.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Manufacturing Intelligence is a modern enterprise solution targeting the current and future transformational technologies that are shaping the future of data analytics for manufacturing: mobile internet, cloud computing and advanced analytics. Manufacturing Intelligence connects, organizes and aggregates manufacturing data from disparate company sources into cohesive, intelligent and contextualized information in order to gain immediate and actionable insights. Learn more.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS): SIMATIC IT Preactor is a family of world-leading advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solutions designed to work alongside, rather than replace, existing systems. SIMATIC IT Preactor solutions can be used for both long-term planning and detailed scheduling, and customers can select the capabilities that satisfy both their needs and budgets. Learn more.  
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