Transform your company into a Digital Enterprise

Propak Asia 2022 (June 15-18)

Join us at AU 21, Hall 100, BITEC Bangna
Siemens at Propak Asia 2022

Transform your company into a Digital Enterprise

Experience the new world of Digital Twin, AGV solutions, OT, IT Integration, RTLS (Real Time Locating System) and more. Siemens will showcase innovative technologies for F&B and other industries. Join us at Propak Asia 2022, booth AU 21 Hall 100, from June 15 to 18.
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Booth AU 21 Hall 100, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, Jun 15 - Jun 18, 2022

Join us at Propak Asia 2022

We would like to invite you to meet our Siemens experts at Propak Asia.


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Our Technology Highlights

1. Digital Twin of complete Cold Brew Coffee Line

2. Real-time locating system

3. Packaging machines with Edge technology (OEE + Energy apps)

4. SISTAR Process Control system for Food and Beverage Industry

5. AGV operated with Simove Technology

Digital Twin of a Cold Brew Coffee Line

The SIEMENS Digital Twin

The digital twin is a virtual representation of a product, a machine, a process or a complete production facility. It contains all the data and simulation models relevant to its original. Digital twin does not only enable products to be conceived, simulated, and manufactured faster incomparison to the past but also allow users to identify problems and take corrective actions before building anything!


F&B Digiline

1. F&B Cold Brew Coffee Digiline  presents the production process of cartocans & Filling and Packaging

2. 5 Stations for 5 machines

3. Line Control Unit

4. Complete simulation with PLCSim, Unified, NX MCD

SIMATIC RTLS – Real-time locating system

Discover SIMATIC RTLS by Siemens – a scalable locating

system specifically designed for industrial applications. Reduce

your search time and optimize your material flow with dynamic,

real-time locating data for each and every relevant asset in your

production. With SIMATIC RTLS, you are free to implement your

individual digitalization strategy - and accelerate your business

transformation in production and logistics.

Servo based VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) Machine

Conventional mechanical VFFS machines have complicated mechanics. Having to make changes to the machine for different products can be complex and time consuming. By using Servos, users can easily make changes to the products as it greatly simplifies the design. See the advantages of a Servo based VFFS machine with a real machine in action at the event. Get exclusive insight how latest Edge Technologies can be used to analyze the machine performance with OEE, Energy apps.

Xcelerator portfolio to help customer transform to Digital Enterprise focusing in F&B and Machinery industries

Xcelerator provides the engineering and manufacturing software, services and application development platform to blur the boundaries between industry domains. Companies can use this technology today to build the products of tomorrow.


Turn complexity into your competitive advantage with Xcelerator.

faster product design

Faster and more efficient product design

Cross-domain engineering increases the complexity of designing new products. Xcelerator integrates mechanical design, electrical and electronic systems, software and multi-physics simulation to create a comprehensive digital twin.


Enhance manufacturing capabilities

Companies can use Xcelerator to bring high quality products to the market quickly, efficiently and consistently with a generative design, virtual commissioning, complete supply chain management and breakthrough manufacturing technologies


Continuously improve products and production

Data is key to optimizing products and production. Xcelerator helps you collect, analyze and visualize data in order to create closed-loop analytics from development to manufacturing to real-world feedbacks and then back to the design.

Simatic Energy Manager Pro - Convert Data into Information

SIMATIC Energy Manager is the energy management system for industry, certified in accordance with ISO 50001. With SIMATIC Energy Manager, users can visualize energy flows and consumption values in your processes in detail, assign them to the relevant consumers or cost centers, and identify why changes have occurred. Users can evaluate implemented efficiency measures, optimize the energy procurement, and compare energy efficiency across plants and locations – in a scalable, transparent, and future-proof way.

Generate Information from Data

▪ Create energy visibility (main consumer, energy behavior, standby consumption)

▪ Simple Display functionalities combined with integrated analysis capabilities in Web Client

▪ Reduced engineering effort

▪ Flexible KPI definitions

▪ Flexible Dashboards

▪ Comply to ISO 50001 Measure Management

▪ And alot more!



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