Shaping Digitalization for Thailand 4.0

The vision of the fourth industrial revolution, known in Germany as Industries 4.0, is paving the way to a digital future. In Thailand, we strive to uplift our customers’ productivity and increase their business performance and efficiency with our digital solutions. Digitalization is key to Siemens’ business and it also aligns with Thailand’s ambition to move to the era of Thailand 4.0.

Keynote Presentations

Showcases of Siemens Digitalization Solutions

Power & Gas and Power Generation Services

VR glasses application on true-to-life representation of an SGT-800 Gas Turbine: The technology will allow customers to gain insight on their assets, manage outages and operate their entire fleets remotely.

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Contact: Khun Chatchakorn Pruksananont

Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives

Digital Enterprise Suite portfolio compromising 4 key elements: Industrial Software and Automation, Industrial Communication, Industrial Security, and Industrial Services. With the scalable solutions, companies in the manufacturing and process industries can become completely and comprehensively digitalized across the entire value chain. The presentation includes a robotic arm demonstration

Learn more about Digital Enterprise Suite – Future of Manufacturing

Contact: Khun Somboon Anantathanasarn


Railigent - This is our new mobility platform to allow customers to manage their assets smarter. Customers are now able to remote monitor their systems and perform fast diagnostics, including preventive failure prediction. With Railigent, our customers get greater availability, longer service life, and a higher level of maintenance and operating efficiency for all components.

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Contact: Mr. Armin Rosocha

Energy Management

Driving success to agility in energy with an open and flexible architecture of Siemens solutions and services that enable a multitude of customized applications for smarter grids, system stabilization, the development of new business models, and optimized energy trade.

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Contact: Khun Songklot Chantharang 

Learn more about High-voltage direct current transmission systems (HVDC) 

Contact: Khun Oratai Suwanwilaikul

Learn more about Digital Solutions for Energy Management

Building Technologies

The Building Technologies Dashboard gives customers the freedom to access their building’s performance, anytime, anywhere. Customers can make faster decisions with the transparency and insights from our Dashboards and enhance their building’s performance through the power of data. #CreatingPerfectPlaces

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