Siemens praises Thai energy plans as model for creating energy sustainability

Siemens Management inaugurates the new Power Generation Service Center in Rayong.

A new Siemens Power Generation Service Center in Rayong aims to provide localized and efficient services to Thai energy sector

BANGKOK: 14 March 2019 - Siemens formally opened a new Power Generation Service Center in Thailand today, adding new capabilities to support the growth and sustainability of Thailand’s energy sector. 

Siemens opened the new 1200-square-meter service center in Rayong to continue its commitment to deliver excellent local services to its customers while also supporting Thailand‘s new Power Development Plan (PDP) that puts more emphasis into high efficiency, natural gas based generation and renewable energy technologies. The new Siemens service center serves as a combined repair center and warehouse providing full maintenance support including inspection, spare parts replacement, tooling and repair facilities to serve Siemens‘ gas turbine, compressors and industrial steam turbines.  Rayong is a key location for Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development plan, which is part of the Thailand 4.0 policy.  Together, these plans aim to promote high value industries and boost economic growth for the country.      


Mr. Thorbjoern Fors, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Services, Distributed Generation and Oil and Gas, spoke at the Service Center opening ceremony, and said the company selected Rayong as the location for the company‘s service center in order to be close to customers, to access the great talent in Rayong for industrial services and to provide even better levels of service to Thailand’s growing industrial sector.   Mr. Fors also said the new service center would provide benefits for the owners of the nearly 100 industrial gas turbine units in Thailand.  The Thai fleet represents  the largest fleet of the SGT-800 turbine in the world. – an incredible achievement for not a very large economy country.


“The new service center is great for Siemens‘ customers and will provide benefits to the efficiency of Thailand’s energy sector,‘‘ said Mr. Fors.  “It brings us closer to our valued customers in Thailand, makes our services more localized, faster and more efficient, which is exactly what our customers and the industry needs.“


Ms. Nadja Haakansson, Vice President, Head of Power Generation Services, Thailand, said  “This service center will bring many benefits to our customers in terms of ease and quality of service and speed. Our goal is to be as close as possible to our customers – and the new service center helps us achieve this.“ 


“Our service center brings a localized service for our customers to help them improve availability, operational flexibility and efficiency. The high efficiency of the SGT-800 drives improved fuel consumption and reduction of airborne emissions such as CO2, “ said Ms. Haakansson. “In addition, we also take advantage of digitalization in power generation to provide real-time monitoring and analysis for preventive maintenance and improved operational efficiency.“


Regarding the PDP, Ms. Haakansson said "the continued support of the SPP program and decentralization of  the energy sector makes Thailand a great role model for a sustainable energy landscape. Promoting renewable energy in line with natural gas and traditional fuel resources such as oil and coal create a reliable ecosystem for industrial growth and national development, which supports the increasing demand for electricity.“


Siemens has also developed hydrogen as fuel in gas turbines and believes this is a future technology which is in line with decarbonization and sustainable energy. "Reliability, efficiency and flexibility is key to create a sustainable energy landscape,“ said Ms Haakansson.


Siemens executives shared that the company is well positioned with its engineering, technology and local service capabilities to support Thailand and power producers at any size - ranging from Small Power Producers (SPP) who serve their communities to Independent Power Producers (IPP) and  EGAT, which serve the whole country.


It is estimated that 30 percent of total electricity in Thailand is generated from Siemens products.



Siemens Power Generation Services offers complete range of services for rotating equipment; gasturbines, steam turbines and compressors.







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