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Consistent, safe, and intelligent low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology

Whether in industry, infrastructure, or buildings: Each environment is dependent on a reliable power supply. Which is why products and systems featuring maximum safety and optimum efficiency are in demand. This comprehensive portfolio for low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology covers every requirement – from switchgear to the socket.

The Power Engineering Guide is the comprehensive manual for transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

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Low voltage products

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3VA Smart Circut Breaker

Requirements are increasing for cost-effective and energy-efficient operation of the electrical power distribution. Whether in industrial applications, buildings, or infrastructure: As a modular, highly variable system, the range of 3VA molded case circuit breakers provides thoroughly reliable operator and plant protection while supporting every process phase – from planning to the operation of electrical power distribution.

Delta Valere

The ultimate classic luxury deisgned switches and sockets witn an original V-type rocker comes with a selection of frames and materials to allow you to personalize the style of your home.

Delta Azio

Top-class design in combination with environment-friendly materials.  Not only are the products safe enough and ideal for allergy sufferers, their design prevents the emission of noxious fumes in the case of a fire. With this unique combination, DELTA azio tones perfectly into any ambience.

ALPHA SIMBOX Consumer Unit

The trend toward smart building calls for systems and products that are flexible and communications-capable. The requirements described in standards are growing more complex, and at the same time project cycles and business processes in switchgear manufacturing are becoming faster and faster. We help you throughout the value-added process with our SIVACON and ALPHA smart distribution systems.

Power matters

Smart power distribution for industries, buildings, and infrastructures

Power is the essential source of energy for industries, buildings, and infrastructures. The specific requirements and challenges of each company demand a versatile, custom-fit, and adaptable power supply. This becomes ever more important in the age of digitalization, because power is a lever to increase availability and profitability. In short: “power matters”. A high degree of digitalization provides a reliable, safe, and efficient power supply – with software and hardware products, systems, and solutions across all voltage levels, including low voltage.

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