SINOVA 3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Simply Efficient

SINOVA 3VJ Molded Case Circuit Breakers with Thermal Magnetic Trip units offer the perfect solution whether in industrial applications, buildings, infrastructure or utilities.  The SINOVA 3VJ MCCBs are the efficient choice for cost effective power distribution. It ensures reliable protection of personnel and plants with simple functional features that maximize benefits for users in all segments. SINOVA 3VJ circuit breakers are available with rated operational currents ranging from 16A to 630A and rated voltages up to 415V. The ranges of rating currents are available with 10, 18, 25, 36 and 55 kA breaking capacities. 3VJ MCCBs are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole versions with 125A, 250A, 400A and 630A frame sizes. SINOVA 3VJ MCCB conforms to these latest international standards; EN60 947-2/2017, IS/IEC60947-2/2016 and pollution degree III.

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Features & Benefits:


  • These MCCBs save space in enclosures & switchboards and reduces the overall size of the module.


  • Every piece of this MCCB is designed with the utmost quality for optimal performance. The 4 pole MCCB (100% rated) is perfect to operate in demanding applications.


  • MCCBs come with common footprints from 10kA to 55kA breaking capacities and in addition no Neutral pole bias.


  • This excellently crafted MCCB is coupled with user-friendly features and cost-effective solutions for power distribution

Thermal Magnetic Trip Unit

SINOVA 3VJ offers both FTFM and ATFM trip units for all ranges of components. It offers you N-conductor protection with 100% setting as all 4poles products.

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