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Siemens proven portfolio for all power levels and control panel boards fulfills all major norms and standards, ensuring high quality and unlocking business potential for panel builders and OEMs. Our guidebooks of the technical principles for the planning of electrical power distribution, and for the digital future of low voltage power distribution will help you find the smartest solutions for highest performance and efficiency!

The newest version of comprehensive 368-page guidebook for planning of smart power distribution & product portfolio

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Support for panel builders

Outstanding testing expertise and always up to date – the Siemens testing laboratories

The testing laboratories at the Siemens Switchgears factories: Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Regensburg, Leipzig

For more than 80 years, we have been testing electrotechnical equipment and developments in high and medium voltage and low voltage at our accredited test facilities at various factories (Berlin, Franfurt/Main, Regensburg, Leipzig) and ensure the product quality of power engineering equipment.

Planning efficiency

Quick and easy development of perfect control panels

IEC 61439

Discover the new standard IEC 61439 with the most important new aspects!

IEC 61850

Efficient energy automation with the IEC 61850 standard

Support for power OEMS projects     

Adding value to wind power OEMs' business scope

How can you pave the way for future energy business models and financial competiveness? With adaptive financing solutions from a reliable and trusted partner: Siemens supports your investments in energy-related services and technology by offering project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans, and financial advisory services. We can design a financial solution with the precise needs of your market and project in mind.