Spare parts

Pooling to complete handling & Stocking

Spare parts pooling would mean storing the spare parts with Siemens Thailand in Rayong/Bangkok. You "share" the stock in this pool with a number of other customers. Siemens is responsible for ensuring that you immediately get what you need.

It also guarantees you the fast delivery of recent and compatible spare parts. In case of an emergency will send this spare parts within two hours 24/7 from our dedicated stock in Rayong/Bangkok, reducing the duration of unscheduled downtime to a minimum.


A contract manager is assigned to manage the contract verifying availability and compatibility of of the parts and check for successors.

Advantages of Spare Parts Pooling:


  • Reduction of repair time in case of production disturbances

  • Financial security through annual fee without purchase obligation

  • Fast delivery of a specific IO card normally costs you 25% on top of the list price - from the pool you only pay the list value or the price for a standard exchange

  • No more expired warranty periods: your normal 6-month warranty period only starts as soon as your part arrives on site

  • Reduced own stock and thus less “dead capital”

Spare parts pooling  

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