Smart buildings

Smart buildings

A smart building is an active contributor to the experience and success of its stakeholders. #CreatingPerfectPlaces

Striving for the perfect place

We spend up to 90 percent of our lives in buildings, and we believe that everything people do in life deserves a perfect place to do it. A perfect place to learn. A perfect place to grow. A perfect place to prosper. While it’s true that today’s buildings should be efficient, reliable and safe – these characteristics alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a true smart building can.

Smart buildings are a new and powerful source of competitive advantage. They interact with its people, systems and external elements around them. They learn from past experiences and real-time inputs. They adapt to the needs of the people and the businesses within them. Through intelligent control, security and energy management systems we help factories and offices better support the industries within them, and we help schools and hospitals have more impact – all while increasing comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety.


When we connect these perfect places to neighborhoods, cities and beyond we create environments that care.

Smart buildings
Smart buildings

White paper: Striving for the perfect place

How can you turn buildings – inanimate, silent and passive structures – into living environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them, and ultimately adapt to their changing needs? Explore the world of smart buildings and learn what a perfect place of the future will look like. 

Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

Exciting discussions on industry trends and the innovations which make buildings safer, sustainable, and deliver more productive and healthier environments.

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A perfect place is a place that’s perfect for a purpose


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