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Sustainability is an integral part of our business – it’s in our DNA. We empower our customers to drive sustainable growth and transform their industries.  With our DEGREE framework, we set ambitious targets for the benefit of all our stakeholders on the key topics of environment, social and governance. 

“Sustainability is in our very DNA. It’s not an option. It’s a business imperative. Based on our successful track record, we’re now setting ourselves even more ambitious targets. We’ll accelerate our efforts and raise the bar to create considerably more value for all our stakeholders. Sustainable business growth goes hand in hand with the value we create for people and our planet.”


Judith Wiese, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG


Siemens Limited (Thailand) Received Certificate for Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC)

Siemens Limited Thailand is certified as a member of “Thai Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC)” since 1 April 2021, having met the commitments to the CAC declaration on anti-corruption by putting in place good business principles and control against bribery.  


*CAC was founded in 2010 by the country's leading business organizations as a platform for Thai companies to combat corruption on a voluntary basis through collective action. CAC advocates for the implementation of effective anti-corruption policies in order to create a clean business ecosystem. It has created a one-of-a-kind certification program that assists businesses in implementing strong anti-corruption compliance standards. Over the course of ten years, the CAC has accumulated nearly 1,000 signatory companies and nearly 450 certified companies, making it one of the region's leading anti-corruption programs in the private sector. 



DEGREE - A clear framework for Sustainability

The answers to the challenges of our time matter – for the quality of life of people today and generations to come. Every degree counts as we strive to responsibly meet the needs of an ever-evolving future. This is why we are taking our ESG commitment to the next level now with our DEGREE framework. It constitutes a 360-degree approach for all stakeholders – our customers, our suppliers, our investors, our people, the societies we serve, and our planet.

Apply state-of-the-art systems for effective and ​responsible business conduct

  • ESG secured supply chain based on supplier commitment to the Supplier Code of Conduct​
  • Long-term incentives based on ESG criteria

Foster a culture of trust, adhere to ethical standards and handle data with care

  • Striving to train 100% of our people on Siemens’ Business Conduct Guidelines every three years​
Resource efficiency

Achieve circularity and dematerialization 

  • Next-level robust eco-design for 100% of relevant Siemens product families by 2030​
  • Natural resource decoupling through increased purchase of secondary materials for metals and resins​
  • Circularity through waste-to-landfill reduction of 50% by 2025 and towards zero landfill waste by 2030

Foster diversity, inclusion, and community ​development to create a sense of belonging

  • 30% female share in Top Management by 2025 ​
  • Access to employee share plans: maintain high level and expand globally to 100%​
  • Global commitment to the New Normal Working Model

Enable our people to stay resilient and relevant in a permanently changing environment​

  • Increase digital learning hours to “25 by 25”
  • Access to employee assistance program: maintain high level and expand globally to 100% by 2025​
  • 30% improvement in Siemens’ globally aggregated LTFIR (lost time injury frequency rate) by 2025

Support the 1.5°C target to fight global warming

  • Net Zero operations by 2030, with 55% emissions reduction by 2025 and 90% by 2030
  • Net zero supply chain by 2050, 20% emissions reduction by 2030

We are building on an enviable track record and experience

With our DEGREE framework, we have defined concrete initiatives and set clear, very ambitious targets for all core topics that we will drive together with our customers. With our innovation and expertise, we offer them solutions all around the world to overcome their challenges in decarbonization and resource efficiency.

Technology with Purpose

Innovative technology has been at the core of Siemens for more than 170 years and it will remain at the core of the future we’re building. We are committed to shaping innovative solutions that provide answers for a better future, answers for more livable and sustainable cities, answers for intelligent energy solutions, answers for connecting the real and the digital world to reduce energy consumption and increase competitiveness. Answers to lay the foundation for societies to thrive and for people to be empowered.


What happens when the world changes?

We transform ourselves to help the world adapt to these changes. With both our technology and our people, our biggest strengths and assets, we bring solutions to life that transform the way we use resources, the way we go to work, the way we get connected, the way we shape business models to foster decarbonization and sustainable development.


We take the lead and transform the everyday for billions of people by creating Technology with purpose, truly following the conviction that Sustainability is good business and serving as a powerful force for good to create value for all our stakeholders. 

Mission & Strategy

Mission & Strategy

As a technology company, Siemens is driven by the aspiration to address the world´s most profound challenges by leveraging the convergence of digitalization and sustainability. We help to form the backbone of society, by providing technology with purpose to make manufacturing cleaner, infrastructure more energy efficient, provide access to clean energy, transit smarter and healthier for the planet. By doing so, we help customers, cities and countries to do more with less and meet their individual sustainability goals in order to create distinct benefits for employees, people and society at large. As such, we are convinced that the future is both digital and sustainable.

Sustainability Figures

For 173 years now, Siemens provides innovative technologies with the aspiration to improve the lives of people all over the world.


Sustainability is at the heart of our business activities. It determines our responsible business practices, our risk management approach and our technological contribution to climate protection, resource conservation and product safety in the interest of future generations.

UN Agenda 2030

Siemens contribution to the SDGs

UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development
Siemens is committed to contributing to the SDGs through its products and solutions, its responsible business practices in ~200 countries, through strategic partnerships and targeted community activities.
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Responsible Business Conduct

Responsible Business Conduct

We at Siemens aspire to be role models and act in the interest of our company as well as our stakeholders. Responsible business conduct plays a vital role in our company’s aspiration to make ethical and responsible decisions in the interest of all our stakeholders. This encompasses our high standards in environmental management, the respect of human rights throughout the entire value chain as well as our determination to foster reliability, fairness and integrity within our own operations and beyond.


Download Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines

Impact & Stories

Impact & Stories

Every day, Siemens creates impact by providing innovative solutions tackling challenges in the areas of environmental protection, decarbonization, health and safety. Innovative solutions that have one clear goal: making the world a more livable, sustainable and inclusive world. Find out how we are putting words into actions.

Sustainability Figures

For 173 years now, Siemens provides innovative technologies with the aspiration to improve the lives of people all over the world.


Sustainability is at the heart of our business activities. It determines our responsible business practices, our risk management approach and our technological contribution to climate protection, resource conservation and product safety in the interest of future generations.

Reporting channels

Regulations and reporting channels

The Business Conduct Guidelines contain the basic principles and rules governing the way we act within our company and in relation to our partners and the general public. They include the requirement to comply with applicable laws at all times. Siemens shows zero tolerance toward corruption, violations of the principles of fair competition and other breaches of the law – and where these do occur, we take swift action. This applies worldwide and at all levels of the organization. We provide various ways for internal and external parties to report any compliance violations. Tell Us, the Ombudsperson and accounting complaints are protected channels that Siemens employees and external stakeholders can use to raise concerns about possible violations, confidentially and if desired, also anonymously.

Sustainability News

Our latest press features, news and social media posts on sustainability at a glance.