Comprehensive cyber protection – within the whole lifecycle. Siemens helps its customers take advantage of technology advances while simultaneously minimizing exposure to risk in areas like cybersecurity. An optimal security solution can only be implemented if it is continuously adapted to new threats. Siemens addresses security issues both for Siemens internally as well as for its customers.
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Comprehensive cyber protection

Combining “Defense in Depth” with lifecycle activities   Minimizing risk in the area of cybersecurity comprises both comprehensive security mechanisms and integrating security activities into the whole lifecycle. This means taking security considerations into account during development and engineering as well as service and operations activities. With the concept “defense in depth,” Siemens provides comprehensive security mechanisms combining physical security, network security, and system and software integrity.
Industrial security is an important concern for manufacturers, integrators and operators of automation systems. At Siemens, I know we have the right solution to address this problem.
Oliver Narr, Siemens Marketing Manager, Industrial Security

Industrial security solutions

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Cybersecurity portfolio

Cybersecurity products, solutions and services from Siemens provide proven security measures that protect industrial plants and automation systems as well as grid operation.

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