Digitalization with SENTRON

How you can save energy with intelligent power distribution

Did you know that 40 percent of all power is consumed by buildings? Or that about 30 percent of this energy consumption could be prevented? It’s time to make it transparent – and one way is by digitalizing low-voltage power distribution. That’s where the SENTRON concept comes into play. It consists of coordinated software solutions, apps, and web interfaces. The SENTRON ecosystem is an extremely economical solution that comprises an intelligent system for low-voltage power distribution.

Low-voltage power distribution

Intelligent system thanks to digitalization

With SENTRON, we offer an integrated digitalization concept that brings intelligence to power distribution by using data consistently and with support from software and apps. SENTRON provides operators of buildings and infrastructure systems – as well as small and medium-sized industrial plants – with a simple gateway to digitalization that benefits them throughout all phases, from planning and implementation to operation.
Planning & engineering


Parameterization & commissioning

SENTRON powerconfig

Operation & optimization

7KN Powercenter 3000

Sentron powermanager

Sentron powermind

Sentron powerconfig mobile


Our software and hardware solutions for comprehensive digitalization

Operators of buildings and industrial plants want more efficiency, reliability, and above all transparency. Their main goals include reducing energy costs and designing a reliable power supply. What they need are integrated solutions for the entire low-voltage electrical infrastructure that use consistent data and consistent communication to extend intelligence all the way to the final subcircuits. The SENTRON digitalization concept was developed for the entire low-voltage electrical infrastructure. It consists of software solutions like SENTRON powermanager, SENTRON powerconfig, and SENTRON powermind as well as IoT data platforms like 7KN Powercenter 3000. To manage potential data security threats, Siemens has developed a comprehensive protection concept for cybersecurity in the Internet of Things.

7KN Powercenter 3000

The compact 7KN Powercenter 3000 is your optimal gateway to digitalization. It fits into any control panel, where it serves as a central interface. This unique IoT data platform offers you a variety of options for data visualization and analysis, which makes it the foundation of your corporate energy management system. All the data from communication-capable field devices – including measuring, switching, and protection devices – is transmitted to the device and displayed right in the integrated web interface in various customizable views. As an option, the data can be transmitted to the cloud for continuous status, condition, and power monitoring.

SENTRON powermind

With the cloud application SENTRON powermind, energy and plant data can be analyzed in real time in the MindSphere cloud solution, regardless of location. SENTRON powermind provides you with an overview of current energy consumption that you can compare across different time periods – both for individual electrical consumers and for entire systems. This allows you to identify power guzzlers, reduce load peaks, and cut your overall energy costs. A simple introduction to cloud-based power monitoring is provided through the interaction between SENTRON powermind and the IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000.

SENTRON power manager

The power monitoring software SENTRON powermanager offers you four attractive benefits. First, it provides extensive basic functions and manages the processing and export of data for energy reports. SENTRON powermanager can be used both as standalone software and as an integrated component of the Desigo CC building management system. Second, energy consumers can be transparently analyzed thanks to a display of important characteristics on a dashboard. Third, energy savings can be realized quickly thanks to the evaluation of peak loads and the load profile. And fourth, continuous monitoring of power distribution enables the early detection of critical system states. The end result is high system availability.

SENTRON powerconfig

Parameterize, document, operate, and monitor using a single software program. SENTRON powerconfig configuration software is the combined commissioning and service tool for communication-capable measuring devices and circuit breakers from the SENTRON portfolio. This PC-based tool facilitates device parameterization, which in turn results in significant time savings, especially when several devices have to be set up. Settings and measured values are conveniently documented. The user-friendly software is available as a free download.

App SENTRON powerconfig mobile

Would you like an application that allows you to record the measurements and characteristics of your power distribution independent of location and monitor them in a straightforward manner? Then the SENTRON powerconfig mobile app is for you. It makes all your service jobs much easier and visualizes potential faults. It can also be used with a communication interface for parameterizing SENTRON switching, protection, and measuring devices. Just the simple transmission of preconfigured data to the devices makes everything much easier and significantly improves efficiency in operations and maintenance work. The user-friendly mobile app is available at no charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Overview of the SENTRON digitalization concept

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Power monitoring

Energy consumption in focus

Power monitoring primarily means maintaining the transparency of energy flows. It’s an important way to reduce costs and boost reliability. Digitalization allows you to monitor your electrical infrastructure to a degree never before possible and make energy data transparent, both of which are important ways to save energy. Power monitoring systems are already required by law in many countries around the world. Only by monitoring consumption can you sustainably reduce it and make your contribution to meeting global climate goals.
Use cases

Perfectly tailored to your applications

Whether you want to make your building and plant energy consumption more transparent, optimize overall consumption, or prevent critical system statuses using condition monitoring – digitally supported electrical power distribution offers many benefits throughout the value-added process and can be flexibly integrated into your application.

Success in operation

Learn more about our TÜV-tested power monitoring system and its everyday use in practice. Learn more about our TÜV-tested power monitoring system and its everyday use in practice.

Interesting highlights from the world of power distribution

Digitalization of low-voltage power distribution is gathering momentum. Operators of buildings, small and medium-sized infrastructure systems, and industrial plants benefit in particular – without compromising reliability. Find out what’s new in this sector. We’ll be happy to keep you informed and up to date.