What comes to mind when we talk about quality of life in Turkey?

To find out about the extent of our contribution to Turkey in terms of reaching national goals, we prepared our first Business to Society Report in Turkey.
Business to Society

What is the driving force that moves Turkey forward?

Measurable factors that contribute to economic success and social stability

As Siemens, we always aim to create sustainable values for the societies we operate in. Laying the foundations of our business operations and goals, this mission is deeply rooted in our 160-year history in Turkey. We add value - with our product and solution portfolio, our local business activities,  our focus on R&D and our corporate concept of social responsibility. This is the "for Life” in “Ingenuity for Life”.

Siemens developed a sustainability-focused method to make its contribution to society measurable. The Business to Society method is based upon the Measuring Impact Framework developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Using this method, we identify the aspects which are crucial to the sustainable development of Turkey. We try to understand, what general development goals the country has adopted, for example in terms of strengthening the economy, developing qualified workforce, driving innovation, sustaining the environment, improving quality of life and social change. The results of this analysis help us to identify the issues and action fields that are of importance to our stakeholders. Additional expert support was provided by auditing and consultancy company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Illustrating the gathered data, our contribution to Turkey’s goals is shown in the Siemens Turkey Value Map.

Full awareness of our responsibility towards the society and the future generations… That is what "Business to Society" means to me!
Joe Kaeser, CEO, Siemens AG
Areas of operation

What is important for Turkey?

What are the problems waiting to be solved? The sources we used while seeking the answer to this question were: goals of major public and social institutions, interviews with major stakeholders, customer opinions, interviews with academia, non-governmental organizations and suppliers.
Siemens Value Map

Our contribution to sustainable development

The Siemens Value Map shows our contributions in the following topics: strengthening the economy, developing local jobs and skills, driving innovations, environment and sustainability, increasing quality of life, and supporting societal transformation. Here are some examples of our contributions in these topics: