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The utility industry is undergoing profound changes, affecting all areas along the entire energy chain, from power generation to trading, transmission and distribution. Around the globe, utilities face a multitude of challenges: they have to improve environmental performance, keep consumers’ costs down, and at the same time maintain system reliability. This shows that the energy conversion chain has evolved – renewables and distributed energy sources have to be integrated while facing market and regulatory uncertainties. Today, utilities are part of a highly complex Power Matrix with a vast number of technologies and players involved. More than ever, they are being urged to rethink business models, change financial structures and establish new partnerships. A transformation which Siemens will help to master. With the industry’s most comprehensive and proven portfolio, we are the competent partner on the pathway of transition to a smart energy era - from generation all the way to consumption.   Together with our customers, we identify the most important fields of action to ensure and improve sustainability, efficiency and stability, and we work out the best answers to their individual challenges. Because what’s needed are solutions – the right solutions for every aspect of the power supply chain.

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Electrical power - it is vital, it is demanded, it is the power of life that must be supplied. Siemens provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

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No two companies in power utilities-related markets are the same in terms of their business specialization. We make it a point of developing the best solution for every application, no matter whether you are a vertically integrated power utility engaged in all or only some aspects of the power supply industry. Find out, what we can do for you.

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Reliable and safe power supply is not only the core competency of the power utility industry, but ours too, as numerous customers worldwide can testify.
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