Solutions for the number one resource

Solutions for the number one resource

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  • of the world’s water is potable. Given the growth in population, it is vital that these scarce resources be sustainably used and made drinkable. Wastewater must also be treated because about 80% of it flows unfiltered into rivers, lakes and oceans. With new technologies and comprehensive service, Siemens provides solutions for a future-ready water industry.

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Trends in the water industry

Towards a successful model

Supplying drinking water to the world’s population and treating wastewater are global challenges. Find out how we can support you with solutions for digitalization, automation and electrification.

Water resources – infinitely precious

Water is our most valuable resource. It must be available and affordable for everyone. On a daily basis, system planners, designers, and operators are required to keep the global increase in water consumption under control in the face of growing water shortages and the increasing salinity levels of freshwater resources. As experts in water applications, we offer powerful, innovative technical solutions to assist you.

Securing the supply – 100% online acquisition of peripheral data

Integrating all plant areas into an end-to-end control system is essential for the safe control of your plants. For this purpose, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio. You benefit from uniform process control, simple and convenient data management and integrated engineering for central and remote plant units. The application examples in our Water Consultant Portal indicate possible solutions. Find out more in the near future.

Saving time – 20% shorter engineering time

Reduce the time you spend planning and designing new installations. Integrated engineering with COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7 can reduce engineering time by up to 20%. The various application examples at our Water Consultant Portal indicate possible solutions.

Increasing efficiency – 15% shorter project time

You can significantly reduce your project time through economically efficient plant engineering. The SIMATIC PCS 7 Industry Library is a function block library that efficiently supports your engineering for the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system and the SIMATIC WinCC visualization system. The tested, standardized components and their intuitive operation help reduce your costs and shorten the time you spend by up to 15%.

Saving energy – up to 15% lower energy costs

Sustainable use of resources means reduced costs. Optimize the energy requirements of your pumps by using SIWA Optim, and reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

Solutions for greater efficiency in the water and wastewater industry

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Greater efficiency – thanks to perfectly tailored solutions


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Any questions about the challenges or lifecycle of your plant? Are you looking for products, solutions, or specialized knowledge? Let our water industry experts help you to find the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

Individual consulting and customized solutions

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