Integrated Data Center Management Suite (IDCMS)

IDCMS - an integrated management approach for full data center transparency

Management of data has become one of the pillars of our economy. As result, protection and operation of data center infrastructure is critical. Transparency is crucial for safe and reliable data center operation – and so is a standard set of management tools for IT and facility data center infrastructure. This is exactly what IDCMS provides with its integrated approach to infrastructure management that understands operational processes end to end.

Failure to recognize the interplay of the different disciplines can lead to unplanned outages – but when it comes to data center operation, reliability and safety is crucial.

IDCMS provides a holistic infrastructure management approach by integrating functionalities of Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Power Management Systems (EPMS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) such as CFD, workflows, cable- and asset management as well as advisory and performance services. In addition, IDCMS also allows you to integrate existing third-party applications.

IDCMS enables you to optimize facility and IT processes end-to-end using intelligent software, controlling and automating cross-discipline processes. This way, IDCMS helps to drastically reduce human errors and complexity. The result: full transparency of the entire facility infrastructure that allows you to make informed decisions based on identifying efficiency and operational improvement levers.

Which infrastructure management disciplines you need and when you want to implement is up to you. IDCMS is modular and scalable. It goes with your needs and grows with your success.

The solution at a glance


Safeguard reliable and efficient power supply, Power quality.


Maximize efficiency, optimize supply, enhance sustainability.


Manage, monitor and control cooling in an optimal conditional setup


Physical security management controls, manage and observes any people movements

Fire Safety

Fire safety management help safeguard early fire detection, release alarms and initiate extinguishing

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Allows and facilitates predictive planning by simulation of situations.


Definition and creation of workflows with related instructions and executions procedures.


Power and network cable management with usage view on connections and ports/sockets and locate available ports.


Provides transparency on all equipments with related specification and location information.


Third-party integration

Integration capabilities to other applications (e.g. ITSM)



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