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With Safety Integrated, you reliably optimize the safety of your machines. To achieve your objectives faster and more easily, we are happy to give you advice anywhere in the world and support you from planning to taking your machines out of service. Our extensive range of support services includes practical downloads, helpful reference works and application examples as well as in-depth training courses that provide you with easy-to-understand expert knowledge.

Standard-compliant evaluation of safety functions: be on the safe side

Safety Evaluation Tool

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Whether you want to more easily enter the world of Safety Integrated or are seeking special application knowledge right from the manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place.

Safety concepts

Safety Integrated is an overall concept for optimizing the safety of people and machines. Siemens’ services help determine the ideal safety solutions and give you the knowledge you need to stay on top of things both today and tomorrow.

Functional safety for machines and plants

Why is safety so important? How can you properly implement the machine directive and how does a risk assessment work? Our animation provides many useful tips on the topic of machine safety. We show you the way to CE certification.

Legislators in Europe obligate machine manufacturers (product safety) and machine operators (occupational safety) to guarantee the safety of people and the environment. In many other countries where no legislative stipulations exist, awareness of this topic is growing steadily, and these countries are adopting the European standards.

Direct route to the safe machine

The Safety Evaluation Tool helps you evaluate the safety functions of your machine quickly and reliably. This TÜV-tested online tool for the IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 standards helps you directly achieve your objective. The result is a standard-compliant report that can be integrated into the documentation for your system or machine as proof of safety.

Your benefits at a glance

  • TÜV-tested online tool
  • Free to use
  • Fast, automatic calculation of safety functions according to the latest standards
  • Fast result: standard-compliant report
  • Fast access to the latest product data
  • Comprehensive, predefined library of examples
  • Calculation of failure rate
  • Selection assistant for drive components

Tested safety

Standard-compliant evaluation of safety functions: be on the safe side

The Safety Evaluation Tool for the IEC 62061 and ISO 13849-1 standards helps you achieve your objectives in evaluating safety functions and makes your machines safer. You have to be logged in in order to use the Safety Evaluation tool. Click on the link to go directly to the login screen. If you do not yet have login access, you can sign up to use the tool. Registering takes only a few minutes and enables us to address your needs as best a possible in the future. The Safety Evaluation tool also lets you import device parameters of other manufacturers via the neutral VDMA 66413 interface and use them for the calculation (the library must have been provided by the manufacturer).

Use the free Safety Evaluation Tool

Safety Evaluation Tool