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Intelligent data management with Industrial Identification     Industrial processes in the Digital Enterprise demand total transparency. The ability to gather and process data at strategically relevant points is increasingly a crucial factor for long-term business success. As a result, Industrial Identification is becoming a key technology for the Digital Enterprise. Our solutions close the gap between the real and the digital worlds, and create new potential for our customers to add value.   We create transparency along the entire production and supply chain. In the process, we enable manufacture complex products with a wide range of variation and a high degree of customization, right down to single-unit batches. That means companies can respond faster and more efficiently to customer requests and market demands, while simultaneously improving quality.   We already offer the industry of the future a unique, consistent  end-to-end range of RF and optical identification systems for customer-specific applications. The connection with TIA ensures products are seamlessly integrated in the production cycle. Connection to MindSphere maximizes flexibility and ensures that manufacturing will remain viable into the future. KPIs like plant availability, capacity utilization, and energy saving potentials are made transparent, and MindSphere also allows large volumes of data to be analyze and used efficiently. The result is assured competitiveness and a flexible future.


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is the maximum transmission speed of a SIMATIC RF300 reader towards its mobile data transponder

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is the maximum range of the SIMATIC RF UHF transponder

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the SIMATIC MV540 code reader system can store

Our RFID systems are characterized by large ranges, high reading speed, and the possibility of bulk reading. Our optical reading systems, stationary reading devices, and verification systems permit unambiguous, part-specific identification and documentation, simple integration into the automation system, and reliable verification.

Security tips

To secure plant, systems, machines, and networks against cyber threats, it’s essential to have an end-to-end industrial security strategy in place that reflects the state of the art (and to keep it updated at all times). The products and solutions from Siemens are just one part of this strategy.                                                                                                                                                                                    For further information about Industrial Security, see: