Let your emotions be. We'll control all the rest.

SIMATIC Controllers – For everything that can be controlled
SIMATIC Controllers

The invisible force behind all things

We think we can control everything, including ourselves. But some things simply cannot be controlled: our passions, our feelings, our most basic instincts. And it’s good that way – because after all, what’s life without the drama? For pretty much everything else, we’ve made SIMATIC controllers.

Enjoy life in a controlled environment

Life is made worthwhile by its many surprises: the journey into the unknown, the thrill of the ride, the sweet taste of victory. Our most memorable stories are the unexpected ones that catch us off guard or challenge us to conquer our fears. The ones that make us, at least for a moment, lose control.

Therefore you’d expect SIMATIC Controllers nowhere near places where emotional limits are being tested 
– right? However, in fact these places are often where they’re silently pulling the strings, controlling what can be controlled behind the scenes. All for you not having to worry about anything... except your adrenaline level.

So let your emotions be. We’ll control all the rest.

Journey into the unknown

Strange encounters in a world beyond

Are you afraid of the deep? Then maybe scuba diving isn’t for you. For those daring to venture into the alien world beyond the ocean’s surface, it can be a life-changing experience – especially at the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system and home to countless marine species. But what have these natural marvels got to do with SIMATIC Controllers?
Thrill of the ride

E-car charging stations

Sitting behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time, nothing can prepare you for what happens next: No matter how much you’ve been told about it, the raw acceleration is so unlike anything you’re used to that it will make the hair on your arms stand up… that is, as long as the battery’s charged. Soon you’ll run out of power, and then it will be a long time before you can enjoy your next ride – except when there’s a SIMATIC Controller involved.

Electric cars excite people - Günter Köstenberger Jr. knows this all too well. In front of his house in the Viennese suburb of Ebreichsdorf, passersby stop frequently to admire his family business’s futuristic-looking vehicles. Obviously, Köstenberger shares their enthusiasm: “EVs are incredibly fascinating systems that are simply fun to use as a driver,” he says.

Fun, yes, but electric vehicles have long been at a disadvantage: Finding a public charging spot isn’t easy, and once you have found one, you’ve got to wait much longer until the battery’s charged than it takes to fill up at the gas station. But Köstenberger’s company Kostad is about to change this by turning the charging process from an hour-long ordeal into a matter of minutes – and they’ve chosen SIMATIC Controllers to make it happen.

Taste of victory

Hold on for goosebumps

Learning a new sport can be frustrating and even dangerous in some cases. This is certainly true for letting oneself be towed across the ocean waves at 40 kilometers per hour. At Turncable’s waterpark, the exhilarating experience of wakeboarding is made more easily accessible for riders of all skill levels – thanks to a new, modern control system based on a SIMATIC Controller.

Fun for visitors and staff alike

Our facilities offer visitors a unique experience while ensuring our customers, or rather, the operators, also enjoy themselves. The facilities must be reliable and most importantly, easy to operate.
Jörg Koziol, Project Manager, Sesitec
Other areas of applications

What else can we control?

These were just a few cases of SIMATIC Controllers helping shape environments in which we can thrive as human beings. You’ll be surprised how many areas of life are affected by them every day! Here are some further examples.

The intelligent choice for your automation tasks – SIMATIC Controllers

Siemens offers the right controller for a wide range of automation requirements. The SIMATIC range of controllers comprises Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controllers that offer impressive scalability and integration of their functions. The engineering in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) enables optimal automation solutions to be found for every application.

More SIMATIC Controllers in unexpected places

Have a look at some of our client references to discover more of the many things our controllers are capable of.