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Discover the world of Basic Automation with GO!. Roller blinds automatically go up at sunrise or the heating system can be controlled centrally – building automation has long since ceased to be widespread only in industry and has found its way into the private sector. Our LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200 portfolio offers you the ideal solution for your application – high-quality, user-friendly and cost-effective. Read our application examples and success stories to discover how Basic Automation can help you, too.
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Success stories

Automation with LOGO! and SIMATIC S7-1200

From compact, ingenious automation solutions to automated building technologies and smaller industrial applications – the LOGO! logic module and the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller simplify your daily life in many ways.

DIY home automation

Basic automation is now playing as increasingly an important role in the domestic sector as it is elsewhere. Frank Schönauer explains how, with the aid of LOGO! and his self-programmed app, users can not only automate their homes cost-efficiently, but can also monitor and control settings via their smartphone or tablet. 

Read the whole interview with Frank Schönauer.

An automated home – quickly and easily

In home automation, the central role is played by the controller, in which settings are stored and that activate functions at precisely the right time. LOGO! ensures it is easy to automate residential buildings, while offering flexibility and attractive extras at a low cost. Gerald Havelka and Hannes Engelhardt from Austria show how it works.

Find out more about automated private homes.

Perfection at front of house and behind the scenes

The remodeled and partially rebuilt north and south wings of Munich's Hotel Bayerischer Hof offer the same high level of luxury as the rest of the hotel. The superb quality standards are evident in more than just the stylish interior decor: behind the scenes, finished in light and dark natural and earth tones, the LOGO! 8 logic module provides perfection in automation as well as custom lighting and climate control.

Find out more about the Bayerischer Hof installation.

Experiencing industrial history

Red, orange, green, and purple colored lights imbue the corridors with a surreal ambience; hidden machines emit a ghostly rattle from behind closed doors. With the SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controller, the Jahrhunderthalle (Centennial Hall) in Bochum is modernizing its lighting installation for guided tours through underground supply tunnels.

Find out more about the lighting installation.

The sweetest sounds – fully automated

The days when sextons manually rang church bells with ropes are history. Today, all that is needed is the press of a button, as the swing motion is now completely motorized and automated. But what seems like a simple procedure is in fact much more complex. The SIMATIC S7-1200 enables bell-ringing systems from Philipp Hörz GmbH to control church bells at the touch of a button – with the correct timing and angle.

Find out more about bell-ringing systems for churches.

When the snow becomes heavy

The number of extreme snowfall and heavy rain occurrences has increased significantly in recent years. Alarmed by news reports of the collapse of flat roofs at sports stadiums and supermarkets, building owners and facilities managers now have a heightened interest in reliable early warning systems. With the snow-load alarm systems from tbm hightech control, the SIMATIC S7-1200 monitors the pressure exerted by snow or accumulated water on flat roofs and sends out an alarm when it’s necessary to take precautions that could save lives.

Find out more about snow-load alarm systems.

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