Siemens Smart Motor Concept

Motors go digital – increase your plant’s productivity

3 in 1 In the future, it will be possible to design low-voltage motors with the Smart Motor Concept. This Concept consists of: a box with integrated sensors mounted on the motor; MindSphere, – the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens – which makes it possible to easily analyze the condition data of the motor; and MindApp, which visualizes all data for the user.

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Higher plant availability. Improved performance. Optimized serviceability.

The Smart Motor Concept helps you get your motors under control, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to a cloud connection and data analysis, the motors are part of your digital enterprise. You get extensive transparency in your production processes and the ability to manage your fleet efficiently. You motor’s operating state is monitored and can detect potential failures through asset data.

“Can you imagine that your motor calls you on your mobile to tell you that it’s sick? This is the chance given by big data: thanks to the experience, deviations can be identified and failures can be predicted.”

Matthias Manger, Smart Motor Concept Product Manager, Siemens Process Industry and Drives Division, Nuremberg, Germany

Motors go digital – reduce your downtimes. Increase the availability of your plant

Drive components such as motors are exposed to constant yet different degrees of wear and tear – depending on the length of use and amount of stress. Often this wear cannot be detected with the naked eye for long periods of time, so that failures and unscheduled down times can result, with incalculable financial loss.

The Smart Motor Concept lets you precisely monitor the operating state of your motors. It detects, evaluates and visualizes vibrations, cooling status, speed value and load condition. As a result, you can detect changes in the operating states at an early stage and respond to them rapidly. And you can prevent a shutdown of the motor – or even the plant – in good time. 

Motors go digital – improve your performance. Establish transparency.

Implement an efficient fleet management system and make all your production processes transparent – as the comprehensive foundation for optimization. You will see the recommended maintenance activities at a glance, and you can also significantly optimize your energy consumption, since analysis of the operating data allows you to make the right decision for selecting optimized drive solutions.

Optimize your serviceability. Extend the life of your motors and increase your plant availability

Improve serviceability and benefit from the features in MindApp. “Service Information” gives you direct access to product information and spare parts. And you also gain reliability through fast support from our qualified service personnel. Your benefit: finding solutions faster saves you time. 

The “Service Logbook” feature offers optimized services by storing the complete service history for your motors. You can call up the completed maintenance activities at any time – and plan new ones at an early stage.

The “Recommended Maintenance” feature provides optimum support in making decisions based on recorded and filtered data that is translated with the aid of intelligent analytics. Your benefits include improved maintenance work based on motor-specific maintenance intervals for Siemens motors, a reduction in unscheduled down times and increased plant availability.

Smart Motor Concept

Higher plant availability. Improved performance. Optimized serviceability.

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