Substation automation unit

Substation automation unit - SICAM AK3 - front view


SICAM AK 3, member of the SICAM RTUs product family, is extremely flexible and powerful thanks to the modular, consistent SICAM system architecture. The SICAM AK 3 provides a multitude of possibilities for the automation of widely distributed processes, and is the most powerful device of the SICAM RTUs product family in terms of communication, automation functionality and redundancy. Automation, telecontrol, and communication functions can be easily combined in full compliance with IEC 61850. The SICAM AK 3 scores points not only with its improved mechanical design but also with significantly simplified hardware components combined with higher performance: A more powerful power supply (optionally in redundant configuration) is as much part of the systematic enhance-ment as the integration of two network interfaces on the CPU boards (can be extended to up to four interfaces). Additional connection cards and patch plugs are no longer needed. All existing and proven SICAM AK system concepts and functions, from redundancy to automatic data flow to SICAM Safety, and many more, are still available in the SICAM AK 3 - the third AK generation. Like all products of the SICAM RTUs system family, the SICAM AK 3 can be also parameterized with the SICAM TOOLBOX II object-oriented engineering software.

Features & functions

Substation automation unit SICAM AK3


Based on the proven SICAM AK system, the new SICAM AK 3 has been equipped with the following additional features:


  • Improved mechanical design
  • New power supply (120W), optionally redundant
  • New, more powerful master CPU (CP-2016) and C-CPU (CP-2019)
  • Integrated Ethernet interfaces on the CP-2016 and CP 2019
  • Higher availability combined with greater performance
  • Reuse of peripheral modules
  • Remote maintenance via encrypted end-to-end security
  • BDEW and NERC CIP compliant


SICAM AK 3 – the forward-looking product


Versatile communication:

  • Up to 68 interfaces according to serial communication acc. IEC 60870-5-101/103
  • LAN/WAN communication according to IEC 60870-5-104
  • LAN communication according to IEC 61850
  • Various third-party protocols possible

Easy engineering with SICAM TOOLBOX II:

  • Object-oriented data model
  • Creation of open-loop and closed-loop control application programs according to IEC 61131-3
  • All engineering tasks can also be carried out remotely

Plug and play for spare parts:

  • Storage of parameters and firmware on a flash card
  • Spare part exchange does not require additional loading with SICAM TOOLBOX II

Open system architecture:

  • Modular, open and technology-independent system structure
  • System-consistent further development and therefore an innovative and future-proof product

Scalable redundancy:

  • Component redundancy
  • Doubling of processing/communication elements
  • Direct connection of actuators and sensors with wire crosssections up to 2.5 mm
  • Can be located remotely up to 200 m
  • Binary input/output also for DC 110/220 V
  • Assembly on 35 mm DIN rail

Versatile communication capability

With SICAM AK 3, a variety of media can be utilized for local and remote communication (wire connections, FO, radio,

dial-up traffic, GSM, GPRS, WAN, LAN, field bus etc.).


Through the simple installation of serial interface modules, in total up to 68 communication interfaces are possible in one SICAM AK, whereby a different individual protocol can be used for each interface. For standard communication protocols according to IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 and IEC 61850 are implemented. Besides the standard protocols, there are also a variety of third-party protocols available (DNP 3.0, Modbus etc.).

Easy engineering

An essential aspect in the overall economical consideration are the costs that occur for the creation, maintenance and

service. For this, the reliable SICAM TOOLBOX II is used.

  • Object orientation:
    The object orientation makes it possible to also utilize the same characteristics of same-type primary-technology units and operational equipment (e.g. disconnectors, circuit breakers, feeders etc.) for the configuration. The close coupling with the design tool ensures the consistent, uniform documentation of the entire plant through to the circuit diagram. Through this, considerable rationalization results with engineering.
  • Open-loop and closed-loop control according to IEC 61131-3:
    Open-loop and closed-loop control application programs are created by means of CAEx plus according to IEC 61131-3, a standard that is generally accepted and recognized in the market. As a result, the training periods are reduced considerably.
  • All engineering tasks can also be carried out remotely:
    All engineering tasks, from the system diagnostics through to the online test, can also be performed remotely with the SICAM TOOLBOX II. For this, a separate communication link between SICAM TOOLBOX II and SICAM AK 3 is not necessary:
    Every available communication interface can be used. Using further automation units of SICAM TM, AK 3 or BC, the SICAM TOOLBOX II can be remotely positioned over an arbitrary num

Application Areas

  • Power generation, transmission and distribution
  • Industrial networks
  • Microgrids
  • Traction power supply
  • Automation of tunnels, oil & gas pipelines


The SICAM AK 3 is a practical all-rounder with many advantages for you to profit from:


  • Flexible use as an automation, telecontrol and substation control unit, and as a data node for widely distributed processes
  • Wide range of communication interfaces allows integration into any system
  • Simple engineering and easy maintenance save time and costs
  • Unchanged engineering using the proven SICAM TOOLBOX II
  • Storage of parameters and firmware on SD card
  • Plug and play for spare parts without engineering tool
  • New optimized rack


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