Coupling unit

Coupling unit – AKE


The coupling unit AKE represents the communication interface between high voltage power lines and PLC equipment.

Features & functions

Coupling unit AKE


The AKE coupling unit provides a safe and robust interface between HV power lines and PLC components like PowerLink 50/100, PowerLink IP, PowerLink CM and SWT 3000, even in harsh environment.


AKE provides phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase communication over HV power lines and can be easily adapted for different line impedances and coupling capacitors.

Functions / Features

The high-frequency currents from and to the PLC components must be fed into or tapped from the lines at chosen points without the operating personnel or PLC terminals being exposed to a high-voltage hazard.
The coupling unit together with the directly to the HV power lines connected high voltage capacitor, forms a high pass filter for the required carrier frequencies determined by the rating of the coupling capacitor and the chosen matching ratio.


  • Completely fulfills IEC 60481 standard
  • Robust, durable and proven design for a long lifetime
  • Wide operation range


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