Transmission grid planning

Power system consulting services from Siemens PTI for power transmission networks

Global transmission networks will grow by

0 mio. km
  • by 2040*

  • * Source: IEA, 2016

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Supporting the digitalization journey of Egypt’s transmission infrastructure 


In August 2019, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) extended the successful cooperation with Siemens PTI with a series of five-year transmission grid studies.




Power system consulting

Ensuring reliable power supply under all circumstances

The challenge for Transmission System Operators (TSOs) is to ensure safe and reliable power supply for their customers − not only in normal steady-state operation, but also under fault conditions, and despite the increasing complexity the systems are facing today. 

Professional consulting and planning for transmission networks

Siemens PTI provides expert advice in how to maintain security and stability, to keep frequency and voltage within permissible limits, to carry out network-constrained market simulations and to identify possible congestions as well as efficient remedial actions. In addition to operational challenges, we assist in long-term system planning as well as organizational aspects such as CAPEX and OPEX planning or workforce management. 

Highlighted cases for stable and economical transmission networks

Additional services that might be of interest to you

Besides the topics that have been highlighted above, Siemens PTI can provide expert consultancy for many other tasks in the planning of reliable and efficient power transmission systems.


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