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  • - The busbar trunking system for wind turbines

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Busbar instead of cables

SIVACON 8PS - LDM system for wind turbines

  Whether you are an investor, wind farm operator, wind turbine planning engineer, or tower manufacturer, the LDM system offers you distinct advantages specific to the design – at no extra cost. Such benefits can include improved unit availability and enhanced safety and reliability during installation and operation, for example. The LDM busbar trunking system from the SIVACON 8PS product family is thus the innovative alternative to cables. The LDM system offers reliable and efficient power transmission for currents of up 8,200 A.  

SIVACON 8PS - LDM system: cost-efficient planning

The LDM system precisely fulfils the specific needs and requirements of every wind turbine and provides all the necessary components, significantly simplifying system planning. This enables, for example, the rotor and stator runs for double-fed asynchronous generators to be routed within a single housing. A PE conductor can be optionally included in the same routing. What’s more, specialists on Siemens' Wind Power team are there to provide you with expert advice and to support your planning efforts. Hence, you can plan cost-efficiently right from the project start.

SIVACON 8PS - LDM system: efficient installation

Simply join the segments, secure with bolts, and you're done: LDM busbar trunking systems arrive at the project site in pre-assembled segments. Contrary to cables, there's no need for complex cutting to length, stripping, insulating, and screwing into place. All the busbar needs is a support on the tower wall every 3.20 metres. Compare this to cable systems, where spacing must be calculated, with some intervals less than 50 cm. 

In addition, busbar elements can be pre-assembled and installed in tower segments that lie horizontally prior to final erection, thereby saving time and money. On site, all that's left to do is secure the connections between the tower segments during final erection using design verified single-bolt connections. The assembly work in all phases of installation is performed using a standard torque wrench. In short: Using the LDM system substantially reduces installation time.

SIVACON 8PS - LDM system: safe and reliable operation

The LDM busbar trunking system transmits power from the nacelle to the tower base safely and reliably. The LDM system meets all requirements of IEC 61439 Parts 1 and 6. This means that the system is subject to priordesign verification, ensures that all technical parameters are sustainably fulfilled, and rules out any overloading of the systems and consequential damage. Any short circuits arising have no impact on the LDM system. Because practically no plastics are used, the fire load is very low, immensely increasing the level of safety compared to cable systems. For wind turbine operators, this translates into reliable wind farm operation – across the entire fleet.

SIVACON 8PS - LDM system: working sustainably

Growing importance is being place on improving the energy efficiency of wind power. Manufacturers and operators of wind turbines are coming under pressure to design their units to be as low-loss as possible. With LDM system, Siemens has developed a system that minimises power losses and significantly improves efficiency. 

Over the total service life of a wind turbine, this translates into additional grid feed-in compensation for wind turbine operators. In addition to the quick return on investment, operators using the LDM busbar trunking system demonstrate their sense of responsibility for environmental issues – thanks to the environmentally friendly, halogen-free design, high energy efficiency, and high recycling rate. 

Technical data
Rated insulation voltage Ui
1000 V AC
Rated operational voltage Ue
1000 V AC
Degree of protection
IP21 with saline fog and condensation test
Rated current InA
800 A to 8200 A
Rated peak withstand current Ipk
Up to 255 kA
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (1 s)
Up to 116 kA
Number of conductors
3 to 10 conductors per trunking unit (2 circuits per trunking unit possible)
Fire load
Depending on the application
Fire load (per tap-off point)
Separate single-bolt joint block with hook system
Conductor material
Housing material
Galvanised steel (optional coating in RAL colour)
IEC 61439-1/-6, North America: conforming to UL6141
To standard LD system
Mounting position
Vertical, horizontal
Busbar coating

SIVACON 8PS- LDM system. Your advantages at a glance

  • Modular system for individual customer requirements
  • Predefined impedances and stipulated technical features
  • Efficient installation 
  • Compact, maintenance-free busbar trunking system

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Brochure "The innovative alternative to cables"


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