F Series: FL Engines

Ideal for use in multiple applications, such as power generation and cogeneration, which require high temperatures in cooling circuits, the lean burn and mechanically carbureted SGE-FL gas engines have outputs ranging from 260 to 800 kWb at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.   This series of engines is designed to operate with a variety of fuel types, including natural gas, landfill gas and sewage gas.   Suitable for applications where easy operation and service are required and with features such as fuel flexibility and a high degree of modularity, this is a compact and cost efficient solution with a short delivery lead time.   A two-circuit cooling system offers a high temperature option for heat demand, with temperatures of 120ºC in the main circuit and 80ºC in the auxiliary circuit possible. Robust and reliable, the FL Series engines are Otto cycle units that are turbocharged and also feature charge-air cooling.   Supplied as a stand-alone engine, as a genset or as a fully-containerized unit, extra-lubricated valves reduce wear while oil consumption remains minimal.