SGT-200 Industrial Gas Turbine

SGT-200 Industrial Gas Turbine

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0 MW
  • power generation


Robust and reliable gas turbine

The rugged SGT-200 gas turbine is available as a single-shaft version for power generation, and as a twin-shaft turbine for mechanical drive applications. The gas turbine can operate on a variety of gaseous and liquid fuels. It provides high efficiency and is available as a factory-assembled package.

Highlights of the SGT-200 gas turbine

The SGT-200 has many years of proven operation in the extreme ambient conditions around the world. Long hours of reliable, uninterupted operation together with high efficiency gives the SGT-200 operator peace of mind.

The dual-fuel SGT-200 can be operated on a wide range of gaseous fuels and liquid fuel. Change over from gaseous to liquid fuel can be done at any load without interuption.

The SGT-200 has been used by the oil and gas Industry since the early 1980's. Many operating hours in both power generation and mechancial drive applications have provided oil and gas operators with the reliable operation expected in this demanding industry.

The twin-shaft version of the SGT-200 can be operated as a mechanical drive solution for transfering crude oil or refinery products and as a pump drive for water injection. Among other features, the SGT-200 reacts flexibly to rapid load changes. Thanks to its compact design and low maintenance requirements, the turbine is particularly suitable for the oil and gas industry.

The Siemens SGT-200 gas turbine is available with a Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system, providing low NOₓ emission levels with both gas and liquid fuels. This modern combustion approach does not rely on injected diluents and addresses the production of low NOₓ with a proven design. 

With its rugged industrial design, the SGT-200 lends itself for ease of maintenance. Long service intervals combined with rapid core engine exchange capability minimize the downtime, maximizing availability.  An on-site maintenance option is available, if required. Siemens industrial gas turbines are characterized by a long service life. 

Ingenious design to the core

The SGT-200 core engine combines simple design with rugged technology.

A twin bearing gas generator, twin bearing power turbine and heavy-duty casings are used. This allows full site maintenance to be carried out. 

SGT-200 package

The SGT-200 gas turbine is available as a factory-assembled package.

Comprehensive service portfolio for customer activities

The SGT-200 package configuration incorporates large side doors for equipment change-out and the ability to maintain the gas turbine at the point of application. The package offers in-situ maintenance lifting beams and easy access service features providing a high availability.

Whether scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, on site all over the world.

We offerlong term programs (LTP), overhaul services, field service, spare parts, reconditioning of components and modernization and upgrades. 

Fuel flexibility matters

The SGT-200 offers a dual-fuel capability for all applications. It's designed to meet the customers individual operating criteria including a reliabale starting and changeover between fuels. The automatic changeover from the gas to liquid and back again fuel can be executed at any load. 

Compliant with most stringent environmental legislations

For economic and environmental reasons, it is important that gas turbines used in oil & gas applications can burn a wide variety of fuels with the minimum impact on the environment.  Meeting the emission requirements is only one aspect of the combustion design. The SGT-200 also meets all operational citeria, including the component life and reliable starting. 

Technical data

Performance data for simple cycle power generation

Performance data for mechanical drive

Physical dimensions and weight

Dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack.  For power generation, AC generator is included. For mechanical drive, driven equipment is excluded.


Well-proven with hundreds of installations worldwide

More than 430 units have been sold with more than 30 million equivalent operating hours.

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