Steam power plants

with highly efficient steam turbines from Siemens. Highly efficient steam turbines for coal-fired power plants from Siemens provide a reliable option for the efficient and economic use of available coal reserves to generate the power needed to satisfy the ever-growing demand.

High power output with low emissions

The Waigaoqiao III coal-fired power plant in Shanghai, China, is only one example of how to obtain a high power output with low emissions. In Waigaoqiao III, steam turbines and generators manufactured in Muelheim, Germany contribute significantly to reducing the burden on the environment. Compared to the average Chinese coal-fired power plant, Waigaoqiao III cuts carbon emissions by almost two million tons per year.
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Installation of the steam turbine package

After the steam turbine leaves the manufacturing site a challenging journey start to the customer’s site. However, the most interesting question is:  What happens at the construction site after the turbine package has been delivered. What happens in a certain time frame? What are the single steps of installation? Learn more in our video.
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Increased efficiency and flexibility of large coal-fired power plants

Power generation fired on carbon-based fuels places high priority not only on profitability, but also on responsible fuel handling and consumption. Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions undertaken in the past have focused on large, state-of-the-art steam power plants in the higher output classes.   As a result, measures aimed at increasing efficiency and flexibility were developed for large units. Going forward, the good experiences gained from existing high-end ultra-super critical (USC) coal-fired power plants needs to be transferred to power plants of the 350-MW size. Innovative products are needed to serve this market segment in the most beneficial way for power plant owners.   Siemens has modified its core components to address these new requirements while bringing added value to our customers. Siemens` steam turbines demonstrate how technology for (U)SC applications in larger units have been introduced in proven turbine designs for subcritical applications.
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White paper “Increased efficiency and flexibility of large coal-fired power plants applied to 350-MW-class units”

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