SIVACON 8PS - LI system

Current range from 800 A to

800 A
  • - The innovative alternative to cables

  • - Efficient power supply for infrastructure and industry

  • - For multi-storey buildings and industrial applications

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Busbar instead of cables

SIVACON 8PS – LI system for infrastructure and industry

When you choose the LI busbar trunking system, you're opting for a secure, future-proof investment. This is because you're banking on an integrated solution for safe and reliable power supply that is highly flexible and efficient across the board – from planning and installation to operation. This reliable system is particularly well-suited for applications in the 800 A to 6,300 A range that have to reliably transmit large volumes of power over long distances – such as in infrastructures, multi-storey buildings and industrial installations. 

Protecting people and safeguarding your investment

Thanks to its compact sandwich design, the LI system allows efficient and modern power management with a low voltage drop. It can be operated up to full load at high temperatures without derating.

The system's future-proof functionalities and innovative technical features such as versatile tap-off units with communication-capable measuring and switching devices are not its only persuasive highlights: Its safety standards are also impressive. A broad selection of design verified trunking and tap-off units compliant, with Parts 1 and 6 of the IEC 61439-series international standards ensure a high level of personal and equipment safety as well as enhanced operational availability. What’s more, the system meets the Class EI90 and EI120 fire protection requirements, tested to EN 1366 Part 3 European building regulations.

Effective and flexible in planning and operation

The LI busbar trunking system empowers you to build a cost-efficient infrastructure. Its compact sandwich design enables the system to be easily integrated into narrowly confined building structures. A range of conductor configurations and modular tap-off units equipped with circuit-breakers and fuse switch disconnectors or with various junction units make it simple to flexibly design and adjust your power supply system at any time.

In addition, tap-off units for up to 1,250 A that can be connected while lines are live enable simple changes or adjustments to be made during operation*. This can prove useful, for example, when live production lines require new tap-off units for machinery or work stations.

* according with EN 50110-1 (VDE 0105-1); please always observe national regulations/standards

01 Transformer connection/feeding unit
02 Fire barrier
03 Connection/feeding unit to SIVACON S8
04 Straight trunking unit
05 Junction unit
06 Tap-off unit
07 Accessories for mounting

Technical data
Tap-off unit/junction box
Up to 1250 A
Tap-off point/junction point
Up to 3 per 3 m length (per side)
Rated short-time withstand current Icw (1 s)
Up to 150 kA
Rated peak withstand current Ipk
Up to 330 kA
Rated operational voltage Ue
1000 V AC
Rated insulation voltage Ui
1000 V AC
Rated current InA
800 A to 6300 A
Number of conductors
4 to 6 conductors (incl. 200 % N resp. additional Clean Earth)
Joining system
Hook and bolt connection with shear-off nut
Housing material
Painted aluminium
Fire load (per tap-off point)
0.98 kWh
Fire load
Max. 15.54 kWh/m
Degree of protection
IP55, IP66*
Conductor material
Aluminium or copper
*) IP66 for mere power transmission runs without feeders

SIVACON 8PS - LI system. Your advantages at a glance

  • High degree of protection to IP55, and IP66 for power transmission
  • Fire barrier tested in accordance with European Standard EN 1366-3
  • Integrated, efficient solutions due to integration of measuring devices into energy management solutions in accordance with ISO 50001
  • Fire resistance of 180 minutes in accordance with IEC 60331
  • Cost-efficient infrastructure through compact sandwich design
  • Reliable installation through hook and bolt connection


Brochure: "An integrated solution for safe and efficient power supply – LI busbar trunking system"


SIVACON 8PS - LI system in practice: one system, many applications

Integrated power supply solutions of the SIVACON 8PS product family's LI system provide the best option in places where large volumes of electric power have to be transmitted reliably and efficiently – whether for industrial manufacturing lines, multi-storey buildings, or sensitive locations such as data centers, airports, and hospitals. 

SIVACON 8PS busbar trunking systems – power for any application

The LI system is part of the comprehensive SIVACON 8PS product family. Busbar trunking systems are the innovative alternative to cables for a wide range of applications and sectors – whether for infrastructure or industrial applications. 

Brochure "Energy: flexible, safe, everywhere!"


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