SINAMICS G115D – the new distributed drive system

Key visual SINAMCS G115D

Innovative system solution for applications in horizontal motion

SINAMICS G115D is a combination of gearbox, motor and frequency converter in one drive system. Pressing issues of horizontal conveyor plants can be met, especially those of airports and intralogistics. In these markets, a growing number of air passengers, parcel deliveries and more must be managed while space is getting scarce. This requires increasing the delivery volume in shorter time. The SINAMICS G115D is a good companion in this endeavor: It operates reliably under harsh conditions and in limited space. The all-in-one solution makes integration in existing high-level automation systems an easy task. And the support of software facilitates the creation of new systems. The new SINAMICS G115D gives you a powerful instrument to tackle present and future challenges of your markets. SINAMICS G115D is versatile, rugged and distributed.

The story of SINAMICS G115D: Two versions of one drive system

SINAMICS G115D is not just a new distributed drive, but a complete drive system. The SINAMICS G115D comprises converter, motor and gear box in two system versions. This user friendly modular and variable solution with a new construction design for easy wiring, commissioning and servicing offers dedicated features for conveyors. SINAMICS G115D offers the Out of the box concept for easy handling, fast set up time and extremely simple to operate design.

Distributed drive system improvements

SINAMICS G115D represents the innovative distributed drive system with brand new features

Specific functions for wide range of applications

The SINAMICS G115D is more than just another converter it is an optimally matched system solution consisting of a highly efficient geared motor and an innovative, flat converter. The system has been optimized exclusively for energy and cost efficient horizontal movement in applications such as conveyor belts, sorting systems, baggage and freight conveyor systems, warehouse and distribution logistics, mail sorting and parcel distribution. SINAMICS G115D is t ailored for the Intralogistics and Airports but also Automotive and F&B markets.

SINAMICS G115D is created for conveyor technology and sortation systems applications


  • Roller, Belt and Chain Conveyors (with fixed or variable speed)
  • Corner Turntable
  • Turntable
  • Travelling Trolley



  • Baggage handling systems
  • Tray based conveyor lines/systems for baggage
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Sortation systems



  • Roll Conveyor
  • Turntable
  • Travelling Trolley


Food and Beverage

  • Conveyor belts
  • Cross belt sortation systems
  • Gapping belt conveyors

Introducing the SINAMICS G115D

SINAMICS G115D & Digitalization

In every modern intralogistics solution, integration into higher level automation systems is essential for maximum flexibility and efficiency. With SINAMICS G115D you benefit from seamless integration both in the TIA environment (for higher level automation) and in MindSphere applications such as Analyze MyDrives (for single drive optimization).


With this underlying system of checks and analyses, horizontal conveyor plants are even fit to leverage web-based platforms to become a part in a connected industry and take full advantage of the IoT.


The number of deliveries is best monitored with the MindSphere app Analyze MyDrives. It gives a comprehensive overview of the system’s performance and material flow, and enables users to ensure its availability. With the results, workflows can also be streamlined, failures can be predicted and prevented, and maintenance can be done when it’s convenient, not when it’s necessary.

Download & Support

Configure and order your SINAMICS G115D in no time at all

You can easily configure and order the complete drive using just one order number. The drive is delivered pre-assembled and can be commissioned immediately ready to switch on. You can also order SINAMICS G115D frequency converters using the Siemens Drive Technology Configurator in the Internet. The configurator supports you when selecting the best product version for your application.