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Do you want to adapt your systems quickly and easily to new manufacturing processes and fluctuations in demand? And stop investing weeks of time in integrating  package units? If so, we recommend modular production with Module Type Packages (MTP) based on NAMUR recommendation NE 148.
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On the path to agile standardization in modular production

Remain flexible

Each module has a digital MTP that describes what the module can do. The control system then has the job of orchestrating the modules. To do this, they must all meet the same standard. To ensure that customers can quickly benefit from the standards used, we rely on agile standardization. Check out the video to see how we envision engineering the individual modules via the MTP and subsequently integrating them into the orchestrating control system.
The big benefit is that plants can easily be converted and used for another process – without high engineering and automation costs.
Mathias Maurmeier, Siemens AG
Modular plant engineering

Flexible for small batches

In the process industry, more and more individual customer requirements mean that products have to be developed and produced in ever smaller batches. To meet this need, manufacturers must be able to flexibly retool their machines. Modular production allows the plant configuration to be adapted to constantly changing requirements. Switching over to modular production also makes it possible to transition from batch production to continuous manufacturing. As a result, our customers benefit from higher productivity, larger process windows, and greater process stability.

Modular engineering

Easy development

Our stated goal is to come up with new approaches to the standardized integration of process modules for new and existing plants. To do this, we build process machinery from modules with their own automation systems and intelligence, so that they can be easily added on or reconfigured. We not only support this in automation but also facilitate modular engineering throughout the plant’s entire lifecycle with the right engineering and simulation tools.

Modular automation

Simple integration

All modules can be efficiently connected to each other via the MTP interface through a higher-level control system. The MTPs are a standardized method for ensuring interoperability between all modules. The higher-level process control system within the plant becomes the orchestrating control system, which controls and logically connects the different modules to each other.


Pilot projects

Successful collaboration

Merck KGaA and Siemens are in complete agreement: Modularization is the answer to Industrie 4.0. Together, they’re pioneering this idea in the Siemens Smart Automation test lab in Karlsruhe, Germany. By working together with the plant and machine manufacturer GEA, we intend to turn MTP into the industry standard for machine platform communication.


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We like to advise you about specific possibilities of Module Type Packages (MTP) in your production: A solution that can be individually adapted to your plant. Simply send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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