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Key moments, important decisions, major anniversaries. Stories from our history make it come to life.    

The wide world of Siemens history

On our History News site, we regularly report on anniversaries, key innovations and projects as well as interesting publications regarding the history of Siemens. We hope you'll find the site interesting and informative!

Company History in Focus

What do we stand for? What makes us special? How do we plan to achieve long-range success? Whoever understands their heritage and history are the only ones that can achieve success today and shape their own destinies tomorrow. Dive into individual moments in our history and discover more.

People who have shaped our history

“The words ‘I want!’ have great magical power when they’re seriously meant and backed by energy and resolve.” These motivational words from Werner von Siemens were what drove him. And this will, this optimism and this drive characterize the people who have made Siemens what it is for more than 170 years. Learn more about the characters who shaped our history.    

An international company – from the very beginning

From Berlin into the wide world, via London and St. Petersburg – Siemens was an international company from early on. One look at the anniversaries of the international companies shows how deep Siemens’ roots reach around the world today. Generations of Siemens executives have worked to establish the company as a local partner and a member of local society. Learn more in our History News. 

Innovations that shape the world

From the very beginning, Siemens was defined by its innovativeness. This is the feature that actually gave birth to the company. Its innovativeness first went on display when the company  defined and constructed the pointer telegraph, work that prompted the revolutionary acceleration of communications technology. The invention of the dynamo machine followed shortly thereafter and laid the cornerstone for electrical  engineering. It continues to be seen today in innovations like MindSphere, an operating system for the Internet of Things. Learn more in our History News.